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If I'm not Emo or Prep What group do I fall into?

Okay so at my school we've got the Emo/Goth/Prep group's. I'm not Emo or Prep I hang out with a gruop of kids that aren't Emo/Prep either. Although I talk to kids that are both emo and prep. So I thought I'd ask what category do I fall into?

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    i dont think is requred for u to fall into a group u can just be u i have all kind of friends emo goth prep geeks jocks and dont see myself falling into any of those groups so just be u dont try to fit in

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    You don't have to join a particular group, just hang out with them and chill with them. You don't have to be them. I hang out with, emos, goths, and preps, and I don't try to be them. Just be yourself that's all that counts.

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    skaterr i guesss,alittle emo possibly, yet no longer possibly... i'm form of skater 2, settle for i luv uggs, there remarkable, yet i'm far extra a musician/gifted-pass enormous time form of gal.

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  • Kyle
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    You fall into the category called NORMAL. Be thankful. The rest are posers who don't know how to be real yet, like you do.

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  • Summer
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    You fall into your own unique's called "individualism".

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    the NORMAL/CRAZY pple =D we're sooo cool

    thx 4 the 2 points

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    Another adolescent mindless question---Such drama- hang out with yourself then you don't have to make a choice

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    The in-between category....ride the fence!!!!

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