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Just like my previous question ?

I came accross this story..weep weep >>

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    This is so sad to know.

    When will peace conquer the Middle East???


  • Muse
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    I understand how Palestine and Israel may hate each other, but not everybody wants to hate, not everybody wants to be a part of it! Some people actually want some peace, and they want to get on with their lives, get married, have children, be happy (don't worry lalala be happy)

    I actually admire the fact that these two could surpass all of that Israel-Palestine hate, but at the same time, they should have been smarter. They should have known it was doomed from the start. Man doesn't live alone, he lives in a society, which he needs to take into consideration.

    As for not being able to control who you love, i don't believe in love in the first place, so ha! No comment there.

  • Sad thing!!

    But as shrinking violet said.......there are several stories like that.

    I have a friend that married a girl from USA 3 years ago in Jordan.

    He is palestinian also, but lives in Irbid, Jordan.

    USA authorities have denied him the visa 6 times to join his wife.

    She is travelling to Jordan twice in the year to see her husband, but things are becoming difficult between them, because he cant travel to join her.

    What to do? How can they live like that?

    May be each of us know some story like that..but I have the hope that some day couples can be together without care about nationalities or religions

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    7araaam, well this is the small minds of our people who dont want love and peace to win... i would marry (if i wasnt married) him whatever he is from.

    My husband and i come from 2 different religions, we faced a lot of problems, but won at last, and i would have not been happy with anyone but him.

    So they should think of themselves and not waht other people say or do or want

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ya, sad story...thanks for sharing Milo

  • 1 decade ago

    there must be so many stories like that.

    the sad situation in the middle east.

  • webby
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    1 decade ago

    "he has a heart" said the green lady with pride as tears of joy streamed down on her face.

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