Why do Catholics allow their Diocese get away with sexual child abuse and not force the Diocese to pay up?

Filing for Chapter 11!?!

Why do you support your Diocese by allowing them to squirm out of their punishment? If a Catholic committed adultry they would have to say 10 hail marys and 14 our fathers and maybe work around the church a few days. When it comes time for the Diocese to pay up for their CRIMES they don't do it. Any Catholic who contributes money to the Catholic Church is a guilty as the Priest who sexually and mentally abuses children. An accomplise to Sexual Abuse of Children!


STGHM- So how many Priest Pedofiles are OK? How many children are they allowed to abuse?

Update 2:

Everyday Catholic-

If the punishment is that the victims get ALL of the assets of the church then so be it. So what you are saying is that molesting children is OK as long as Catholic hospitals, homeless shelters and other service organizations run by the Catholic Church are kept open. So you are OK with a certain amount of child molestation as long as it is not too blatent?

Update 3:

P.S. I am a Catholic and I don't support Child Abuse unlike the other Catholics who still contribute money to support hiding pedofiles. The Church needs to sell their stuff and pay up. If that means closing up shop and the Diocese then so be it.

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    Um - a little harsh with the "Any Catholic who contributes money..." comment.

    I'm a non practicing catholic and everything else I agree with you on. I wouldn't give the church a dime after hearing of all the abuses, seeing the priests being moved around to different parishes after admiting to molesting someone. Sick - its just sick.

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    A diocese that files for Chapter 11 bankrupcy does so not to avoid paying off people who sue them, but to make sure that the people at the head of the line wanting to settle do not get ALL of the assets of the church, leaving none for other victims. Also, without bankrupcy protection, hospitals, homeless shelters and other service organizations run by the Catholic Church would be forced to shut their doors to the poor, sick, and homeless they serve.

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    i think the actual Presence is maximum mandatory why i like the Catholic Church. there is not something I dislike particularly appropriate to the Catholic Church. I do dislike how some human beings even Catholics oftentimes time cutting-edge the instructions of the Catholic Church. I heard a former Baptist minister state that even with the shortcomings and often terrible failures of the Popes interior the previous the Rock has consistently remained. i chanced on what I oftentimes heard from schoolmates who have been Catholic interior the previous have been simplications of their information of Catholic coaching. Mary became something at first I wasn't so confident approximately yet have become further and extra attentive to her magnitude as an outstanding buddy. surely we have faith all human beings in Heaven is a saint and those human beings can help us by potential of their prayers on our existence journey. in case you experience somebody is in Heaven there is not any reason you are able to not asked them to wish for you. I surely have had some reports interior the previous 4 of 5 years that have made me attentive to a chum I surely have in Heaven.

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    Why is about money and not justice? Lawyers get rich and nothing gets fixed.

    50% of those claiming abuse are frauds anyway- human train wrecks living in a la-la land of conveniently "repressed" memories , with their outraged parents who had spent years pawning them off on the church and never asking any of the obvious questions, now all of a sudden show-up with their hands out looking for money .

    You're outrage- seems just as much about a dislike of Catholics as it is about the issue- drop the bias and look at the facts- which means you should be outraged that this should be about putting dangerous pedophiles in jail- not about a money grab.

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    It's not as though all of them do that, only a few.

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    i am sorry that you feel that way............and i respect your opinion....................

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