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My gf is pregnant,how many ways can she abort through??

we dont want our parents to know,so what method shall we use??

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    I understand your fears and concerns, but let me give you a few things to think about:

    1. Abortions - especially underage, usually require parental consent.

    2. Abortions - while routine, sometimes end up causing infections - some that can end up being life threatening or end up leaving a person sterile. Not very likely and probably a low risk, but still a concern that should be taken into consideration.

    3. Abortions - usually cause mental damage that can't be undone. Most people end up regreting this decision and it haunts them for the rest of thier lives.

    Maybe, despite your fears, you should sit down as a couple with both of your parents and explore the options. Even if you're not ready to be parents, there are so many people out there that can't have children and are waiting for a baby to love.

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    Look there is never a right or good reason to abort a unborn child I don't want to sound like a hypocrite because I too have had abortions and frankly I don't care what anyone on here will say to me about doing that because things just have top be done but that's why from my past experience I will speak on this question and say that it will be a very terrible feeling for you girlfriend especially if she wants to keep it I would know because in my case that's what had happened, Look just think about it more than once and find a way to try to keep your baby and if not put it up for adoption although I must say It will be hard because it sound tuff enough to even have to think about it. So Good Luck and if it does come down to where she will get the abortion call plan parent hood and maybe they can help you with some alternative sources or just set her up with an appointment.

    Good Luck and now that you both know its possible to have a baby use a birth control method because ABORTIONS are not a Birth Control. Be safe and Protect your self no matter how old you are .

    26 Week pregnant with Baby Girl #3 and Loving every moment and minute of it... Thank God for Blessing me once again

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    you and your gf chose to have sex, with led to a pregnancy. The baby should not be snuffed out because you do not want your parents to know. You chose to do something, now be responsible. How about doing the right thing, and have you gf carry your child to term,and if you still do not feel like raising the baby adoption is a life giving choice. Sex should be between a husband and a wife only, but you chose to have sex, now chose what is best for that child you are carrying. Your baby's heart beats at 3 weeks after conception. Choose life- your gf can have many physical problems following an abortion and also emotional grief can last a lifetime. Do not use abortion as birth control. No one has a right to take the life on another human being- no matter the stage of development- did you know that a person is not fully developed until they are 18 years old, and it is not legal to murder after birth so it should not be before either-

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    There are many methods.. all of which can be carried out without anyone needing to find out. I would however suggest you think long and hard about your decision. Especially for your girlfriend's sake. You need to make sure this is exactly what SHE wants, and that she isn't feeling pressured from you or your/her family. If either of you have one ounce of doubt I would recommend you don't go through with the abortion. I don't think i've met one mother that has regretted having their child... thousands regret chosing the other option. good luck to you both.

    Source(s): personal experience.
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    Abortion is wrong. You should have not had sex if you weren't ready for the outcome. You need to deal with it, and tell your parents, and if you both really don't want the baby put it up for adoption. Your parents might be disappointed in you, but they won't kill you over it. How can you be so willing to kill an innocent baby? Do you seriously think you can live a normal, happy life after murdering an innocent baby, just because you are scared? You need to think anout the baby, it doesn't deserve to die because you made a mistake.

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    yuo would have to get it done properly, which means parental consent. You were happy to have unprotected sex, perhaps you should take the consequences like a man, not try and do some home abortion that will do a lot of damage to your girlfriend, physically and mentally. Let her decide for herself what she wants to do, but be there to support her either way

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    Do you even know if she wont's one or if she is emotionally prepared for the pain she will feel. Because I would think it would be a lot harder for her then you considering that the baby lives inside her not you so I suggest you go to her with seaport not your mind already made up and ask her if she can really do that. Now matter what decision she makes it will be hard. you to can aether pay for the consequences now by telling your parents or later when it hunts you.

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    Please Please Please don't abort your baby. It would be so much better to tell your parents (this kind of thing has ways of being found out) and give the baby up for adoption. If you find someone to adopt your baby (through Crisis Pregnancy Center or something) normally they will pay for everything. Also that way if in 30 or 40 years you change your mind and want to meet him, you can hire a detective or something.

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    You need to seek help. You cannot abort a baby under no doctors care. Tell your rents. They will find out sooner or later. You guys have other options. Like adoption or even keeping this baby. Discuss it. Good luck!

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    Planned Parenthood can help you with those things. You gan get free birth control, condoms, and abortions there.

    Depending on where you live, you dont need parental consent. I know that in california you do not, as well as other places. Best of luck to you

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