effected or affected?

His learning disability ____ the following areas: reading, reading comprehension, and written expression.

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    Affect is the verb.

    Effect is the noun.

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    Both words can be either verbs or nouns. The most common usage of each is affect as a verb (to have an influence on) and effect as a noun (what is the result). However, both can be the other. Affect as a noun means emotional state and effect as a verb means "to bring about." As in, "his head cold effected his bad attitude."

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    Affected. It's a synonym for influenced. "Effect" is typically used as a noun. It's use as verb is very specific and uncommon.

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    to make it simple


    affected is a verb, and is placed on the direct object

    effected is a noun, such as cause and effect

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    affected - think of effect as cause and effect

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