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What kind of pet?

I currently have a dog and am looking to get another pet. I want something more unique than your average dog or cat, but still an animal that will bond to me closely and play and cuddle like dogs and cats do. Any suggestions?

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    hedge hog, ferret or dingo

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    The best choice is probably another dog, if your dog is friendly toward others dogs. Then it does double-duty - it is friendly and cuddly toward you and is a buddy to your current dog.

    Hamsters and other rodents aren't usually good choices for people who own dogs, especially if the dog has some prey drive, it could be an unhappy ending. I would be concerned about ferrets and rabbits as well for the same reason. You could give it a try, but would need to keep your pets separated.

    A cat could work, if your dog is cat-friendly.

    Some birds, such as cockatiels are people oriented and will bond.

    More exotic pets are interesting but not particulalry cuddly or friendly, which is why they are not widely popular - they are often not fully domesticated.

    There's a reason most people own dogs and cats - they are cuddly and friendly and bond with people easily.

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    I guess the first thing to consider is how will your dog react to another animal? Some animals don't want to share their space/companion(s) or haven't been exposed to other creatures and don't interact well when other animals are introduced into the home/family. The next question is how much time and money do you have to spend training, caring for and cleaning up after your new pet? These are things to consider which may help you narrow down your choices.

    Source(s): Many years experience with various creatures moving in and out of the home and yard.
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    Ferrets can be very loving pets. Some people have this stigma about ferrets saying that they "stink" However there are specialized ferret foods and a water treatment that resolves this. Dogs and ferrets do not always get along so I would buy a pen for them. They sell pens for ferrets for around 20, they are octagon in shape and spacious. The pen would be a great way to get the ferret and your dog acquainted.

    Hope this helps!

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    I hate to be stereotypical to my name here, but try a rat!

    Rats are very intelligent, clean, social, fun animals and they bond very strongly to their people.

    Since they are ominvores (not just prey animals like a lot of pocket pets) they have more outgoing personalities and really do seem to enjoy playing with humans, as well as other rats.

    check out: www.ratfanclub.org

    Just make sure your dog isn't a breed that is a ratter...that could be a conflict of interests that wouldn't be any fun for any of you!

    Source(s): www.ratfanclub.org
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    House rabbits are pretty cool. Nowadays you can get harnesses for them and take them for walks and all sorts. You cold get a french lop They're pretty huge so you wouldn't be tripping over it all the time and it will probably play happily with your dog (supervised always of course)

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    Well, if you want something to cuddle, I would suggest a rabbit or guinea pig. Or even a ferret.

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    Hmm...it really depends on how your dog reacts to other animals. I would personally say a guinea pig, or hedgehog

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    A male Chinchilla.

    They are the best rodent.

    Do your reaserch, then look for breeders on the web. DONT go to petsmart or Petco.

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    Vietnamese pot bellied pig. Clean, intelligent, and friendly. (A bit expensive though.)

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