What type of people live in the bahamas and bermuda?

Are there alot of creole people living there or what ethnicity??

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    The 300,000 people who live in the Islands of the Bahamas are predominantly of West African descent. Their ancestors were slaves brought to the islands to work on the cotton plantations, until 1834, when Britain abolished slavery in all its territories. Most of the white residents are descendants of the English settlers who emigrated from Bermuda in 1647 in search of religious freedom. Some are also related to the Loyalists who fled the southern United States during the American Revolution and built enormous plantations here. After the abolition of slavery, life on the islands changed drastically. The plantations were abandoned, and both blacks and whites turned to the bountiful sea (sponging and fishing), or else tried to farm. The lack of fertile cropland prompted the islanders to become a nation of seafarers, and Bahamians used these skills to great advantage during the days of shipwrecking, gunrunning and Prohibition. Bahamians take great pride in their past, especially their names, which are indicative of a rich cultural legacy. There are many common names: the Gibsons are reputedly from Scotland; the Alburys, Malones and Russells are said to be Irish Loyalists; and the Bethels of Eleuthera say they arrived with the zealous Eleutheran Adventurers years ago. The Black Bahamians' roots go back just as far, as evidenced by the many who took the name Rolle, after Lord Rolle, a wealthy and much-loved planter in The Exumas who, after emancipation, gave his land to his former slaves. The laid-back attitude of the Bahamians is often misunderstood, but it has simply evolved from years of good living in a land where nature provides for just about every need, from housing, to food, to earning a living. Bahamians like to think that there is always time to worry about the bad things tomorrow. Bahamians are humorous, helpful people who love to celebrate. Weddings and funerals in The Islands of the Bahamas are especially important social events. People begin celebrating a marriage weeks before the official ceremony begins, and the passing of loved ones is commemorated by parties long after they are gone. Bahamians love to dress up smartly. They also speak very well and their diction is far better than that of many other English speakers in the world.

    I have not had the pleasure of visiting Bermuda, but have read that it has a population of roughly 63,000. Of those people, 61% are of African descent, 38% of Caucasian descent, a small minority of American Indian descent.

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    Bermuda is a British possession with a lot of weathly white people. The entire island is well off. There is no unemployment. Things are very clean.

    The Bahamas is pretty opposite. Quite a bit of poverty. Not much education and unemployment. As for creole people, not a whole lot. Mainly blacks of African heritage.

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    bahamas..while there is much unemployment & poverty, everyone i met on vacation from cab drivers to hotel staff to hawkers were the most warm, & hospitable people i have met.

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    No, english

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    I'd call them the lucky type.

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    Sandalled people;)

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