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2003 Audi A6 Underheats?

I have a 2003 Audi A6 3.0 ... wit 52 K miles.... sometimes when i drive it the engine tempature is only a quarter hot, and then it goes back to the middle after 40 minutes then it goes back to quarter and sometimes stayes there could it be that the gauge is messed up or its something else

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    There's no such thing as unheats. First it could be the gauge. When was the last radiator was flushed last? Try a new flush with new coolant, check ratings for hot and cold temps., take it for a spin and see if that's the problem first before spending money on others solutions. If the guage still reads the same check your car book to located if there's a fuse for the gauge and replace that if blown. Could be that easy.

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    Sounds like normal operating temp is at 1/4 of guage, and that the car is getting hot with 40 minutes of driving, and then the thermostat kicks in and lets new, cooler water into the radiator core, causing the temp to drop back down to normal operating temp... I wouldnt sweat it if this is how it always has been. If youre just noticing this as a new thing, Id get the radiator flushed...

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    One thing that usually helps is to flush the radiator and add new antifreeze

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    check the radiator cap too.

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