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What is the differnce between conservative and liberal?

I don't know too much about politics, but I hear these two terms alot, and I'm curious as to what they mean.

I have different viewpoints on different things, so I want to know if I am considered "conservative" or "liberal".

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    Conservatives feel that they should have the right to control their own lives and be responsible for themselves.

    Liberals feel that people are inherently incapable of taking care of themselves and feel the government should provide for all.

    Conservative - small government

    Liberal - Big government.

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    A Liberal is a conservative who has not been mugged

    Seriously the trend for years was to become more conservative as you got older. And the world tends to move in that direction for example John Kennedy would be in the conservative wing of the Democratic Party today and Richard Nixon would be a Liberal Republican.

    The best thing is to follow your heart and head on each issues and not allow yourself to be lumped with one part or the other. The best candidates for President are the ones in the middle of the road (Giuliani for the Rep. Richardson for the Dems) If you act in a knee jerk liberal or Conservative manner you set yourself up for inconsistency:

    Cons: Oppose taking a human life in the womb but will support the death penalty (makes no sense right?)

    Libs: favor a woman's right to choose but not a father's right to have thier child (see?)

    Anyone who reacts in a blind manner for either side is a fool

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    First of all, I would like to applaud you for your honesty in asking a question that many people would be unlikely to admit to.

    Secondly, I want to respond to some of the people who answered your question: You all obviously consider yourselves conservative, and I think it is despicable the manner in which you responded without any sensitivty or respect. Liberals do not 'try to live off the government' or believe in their selves above others. That is a misguided and misinformed notion that shows ignorance and a lack of understanding for your fellow Americans.

    Now, in answer to your question (it has a lot of parts so I am just going to give a quick rundown). Conservatives usually believe that they should have control over their own finances without any(or little) sort of government regulations. Unfortunately, this CAN (does not necessarily) lead to people making decisions that benefit themselves (ie bring in more money) over what is best for the majority of the people (ie bring in more money but pollute the earth or employ children in india in sweatshops through outsourcing and saving money). Conservatives also tend to have fundamentalist viewpoints on different issues (like Absolutely NO abortion because they believe it is immoral). I think this is fine, yet the problem is they often want to inflict their viewpoints on others. For example, they would say that it is not just their personal desire not to have an abortion, but that nobody else is allowed to either.

    On the other hand, liberals (who tend to be democrats, and conservatives tend to be republicans - again, this is by no means a straight line) try to live by a different set of standards, such as the civil liberties granted in the bill of rights. That is why you will often find liberals saying that the death penalty is unconstitutional - cruel and unusual punishment, or that abortion (whether the action itself is right or wrong) is a woman's CHOICE as given to her in the 14th amendment. Additonally, liberals tend to be interested in helping others through non-profit organizations or volunteer work, rather than necessarily making money.

    This is just a brief overview of a very complicated matter. Remember, neither 'liberals' nor 'conservatives' are good or bad - both have valid points and different perspectives on a variety of issues. Individuals themselves, though, within either party, can make horrible decisions that affect others throughout the country, and this can give either party a bad rep. Hope this was helpful - I signed up to Yahoo just to give you a response because the other ones were completely lacking in insight. Feel free to respond to me if you have any other questions. A don't believe everything anyone else tells you - do your own research!!! good luck :)

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    First of all I need you to understand that there are really FOUR sides. I am giving you a link below to see what I am talking about! This is not what you see due to the political process in America. I happen to be a libertarian! A conservative today believes in competitive markets and economic freedom allowing the private sector to build more and create more wealth. They also believe in moral restrictions such as aboriton, cesnorship of TV, use of God on money, and foreign affairs such as Iraq. A liberal is someone who believes that government needs to control things in order to spread equality. Their main enemy is freedom economically yet they are for freedom morally on issues such as abortion, censorship, against the military force but for IRS force! An authoritarian is someone who wants government restrictions on all these things and a libertarian believes people should have the most freedoms possible in a free land! Today politics is really just a big joke. Most people are like you and do not know what their politicians they vote for are doing! Less than 40% of Americans of voting age actually vote. Many times both parties use what's called special interest groups which helps make them millions of dollars while passing a bill that will make the special interest group even more than than. I would recommend reading Henry Hazlitt's Economics In One Lesson. It's a fairly short book that gives you an understanding of freedom and why America use to be great before the 30s and 40s and why only technology created by the people has kept us out of poverty. Just remember, liberals and conservatives have their own agenda. They will do things for their family before they do something for yours. Please go research the libertarian party website to understand why freedom reduces racism, increases wealth to trade with healthcare, about your economy and taxes, about immigration, and about the war on drugs. These are very important issues so before you go authorize government force on others with your vote please make sure you are very educated on the topics. If you have any questions please feel free to ask at anytime. My e-mail address is listed on my profile so don't be a stranger! Thank you

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    Conservatives believe in being Independent,like working for a living.

    Liberals want people to be dependent on their government so they will be able to control them also libs want you to do as they say not as I do. For instance: Al Gore wants everyone to conserve energy while he flys around in his jet,rolls around in a Limo and uses more electric then 20 average families in a year!

    Conservatives believe in traditional family values: Marriage between a man and woman, We don't believe in the murder of innocent babies.(ABORTION) The choice is the woman's before she has sex! That's just some points. Good Luck!

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    Check this link out for Conservative. You will be able to better understand it. Much more that anyone here could explain it, even me and I am a Conservative.


    For Liberal check this one


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    liberals want everything handed to them..conservatives believe in working for a living

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    A man is a liberal until he can no longer fill his Volvo with all his possessions.

    WInston Churchill said something like this:

    A man under 30 who isn't a liberal has no heart,

    A man over 30 who is a liberal has no brain.

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    1 decade ago

    Read Bill O'reilly's new book. His is the best explanation I can think of.

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