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What is the equation of a line that passes through (4,2) and is parallel to y = 5.?

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    well y=5 == > y = 0 x +5 so slope is 0


    y= 2 is valid answer

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    Y = 2 is your answer;

    but let me expound for a moment...

    Your given line y = 5 is a horizontal line and has ZERO slope and is defined (tho sometimes you will hear someone say your given line has NO slope; which is accurate, but can be ambiguous.)

    Were your question for a line parallel to x = (any constant) and passing thru the same point (4,2), then your reply would be

    x=4 and this is an equation of a line (again with NO slope, some might say, but it would be less ambiguous to say ) with UNDEFINED slope.

    The point is that saying a line has NO slope might mean zero slope or undefined slope; in math you like to avoid ambiguity.

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    since y = 5 has no coefficient of x the slope of the line is zero. that means that the line is parallel to the x axis. since the required line is parallel to the given line, it too must be parallel to the x axis and as stated must pass through point (4,2) this means it must pass through y=2 with zero slope therefor the equation is y=2.

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    Use the slope-intercept form:



    Point slope formula:





    That's your answer!

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