Good food to bring for lunch??

I pack my brother's lunch, he's in 5th grade and he's REALLY picky!!! He used to bring pb&j but got sick of that and now brings a yogurt. What could i pack for him instead???

He doesn't really like fruits or veggies, or meat.

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    1 decade ago
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    The yogurt is actually quite good. It supplies calcium & protein. You could try cheese and crackers. Get whatever fruits and veggies you can into him. Find out what he really likes and keep it well stocked at home.

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    First of all, I would not recommend buying him fast food for lunch. No matter how healthy it may seem, it surely isn't. I used to work for Panera, it's just as fattening as lot of other fast food places despite their seemingly healthy menu.

    Yogurt is a good choice. However, he is going to need to eat more than that. Maybe a lunch-able. Kids really seem to like them and they aren't very expensive. Some of them include drink and a sweet treat, too. Although, this is not my first choice.

    You could also try taking him with you to the grocery store or letting him help with the grocery list. Ask him what he likes and go from there.

    My best advise. . .

    A good balanced lunch would be a lean meat sandwich on whole grain bread with vegetables like lettuce and tomato maybe with some cheese. Fruits like grapes or pre-sliced oranges for easy eating, the yogurt or a cheese stick like string cheese which is low in fat. To drink I recommend low fat milk or water. Juice is too high in sugar and is about the equivalant of eating table sugar.

    Staying away from over processed bread and food will keep his blood sugar regular. This will keep mood stable and as well as ward of any craving until dinner.

    Good luck. I hope this is helpful!

    Source(s): health conscious mom!
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    Maybe Banana Sandwich or even an apple sanwich with a small amount of mayo. Maybe send some fruit snacks like gushers or fruit by the foot. Nutrigrain bars are good too, my boys love them!!!

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    Why not "ants on a log"? That is stalks of celery, chopped into smaller pieces - top with peanut butter and then add raisins on top... they think it is fun, but they get the protein, veggie and fruit.


    Egg salad on an English muffin or bagel. Could also put on bread and cut into a funky shape.

    Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    She doesn't have to fix you food get up and make her some dinner she is working hard and u should respect her for doing that. No one said a woman has to cook for her man. And cant you go to the store? I know you probably work but make easy way to support each other.

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    Doesn't like fruit, veggies, meat?

    let the little brat pack his own lunch

    I would have suggested: banana

  • xoxox
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    1 decade ago

    buy something healthy from panera or something

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