What is an IUD and how accurate is it?

Can I get it after giving birth, and is it as effective as they say? I definently dont need anymore kids for a little while. Does anyone know?

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    I debated on getting this after giving birth to my 3rd son. I was told by the doctor that there are two types - a 5 year & 10 year.

    I don't know from any type of experience how effective they are. As far as I know, no type of birth control is 100% effective, but you have to way the pros and cons of all of the available types that are out there that will work best for you.

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    I got one 4 months after giving birth. Normally, you have to be a Mom in order to allow them to give you one (I'm not sure why...I think it may have to do with the issues in the '60's and '70's where women became infertile and had infections). Anyway, I recommend the Mirena IUD...it gives off a touch of hormones and although I had a regular cycle each month, it was very, very light. Mirena IUD's last for 5 years, then the doc just goes up and pulls it out for you.

    P.S. - in those 4 1/2 years I had it, I never got pregnant, so it is effective as far as my experience goes.

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    my daughter is 1 1/2 i got one like a month after i had her. it kinda feels like a pap smear i doesn't hurt. i know you have to have at least one child before you can get it done. mine is called a Marina and i cant get pregnant for 5 years. You can have it taken out whenever your ready to have another baby.they say most women get pregnant within 1 year after having it removed. you cant get pregnant while you have it, if you do it will be a tubal baby and you'll lose it (that's sad) but theres no chance of having a baby with one in and you don't have to worry about taken a pill everyday or putting on a patch. With the Marina you don't have a period after the fist six months anymore I've had mine for a lil over a year and if you don't want anymore right now i would highly recommend it!!! An IUD is a good choose!! hope i helped!

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    I just got Mirena - it's been in for 4 weeks. I thought I was informed, but it was *after* it was insterted that I found out I'd be bleeding for 6-8 weeks on and off (which I am, and mostly ON), and that I would have to do monthly self exams to feel the thin wire string. The smiling models on the Mirena website don't "speak" for me, as so far, this is grueling. It was by the way EXTREMELY painful for me during insertion and the cramping afterwards. Dr said I have a tipped uterus, so maybe that's the problem. My friends tell me to give it more time - I feel I've made a big mistake...just a word of caution. (But yes, they are the number one birth control as far as effectiveness for women.)

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  • an IUD is a little thing placed in the cervix it stay there for up to 7 years.. they are very accurate and you can have one put in after giving birth. My cousin getting one put in after her 4th child in born sometime this month.

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    My doc recommended it for me. I just gave birth 5 months ago. It lasts 5 years and has few side effects. It is supposed to be the best thing next sterilization. And its easily reversible. Just have it removed. The best part is you will have little to no period. I love it. Talk to your doctor.

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