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i'm never mean to my brother..why does he treat me like crap?

i try to be soo nice, but he always is really mean. calling me names (stupid, idiot, useless, no boys liking me) i need the wisdom to know what i should!

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    as with most people that are mean to someone else, it is most likely a power issue, is he older/younger?

    Older: he may feel out done by you in some way, but he wants to feel like he is in control.

    Younger: he may be breaking you down so you look up to him.

    I would try to address it with him and explain that your hurt by his actions, and try to not let the things he says get too you

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    I went through the same thing with my 3 older brothers. Its gonna be tough in the beginning you just got to ride it out. See what I did was be mean back and say things that is going to make them laugh than they eased down. Try doing things that he likes an complementing him and then he will learn not to be mean. Or if worst comes to worst talk back don't be no punk. That is not a(n) option.

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    Your brother is just being a typical sibling. Are you older or younger than he? If you're younger (which I suspect) he's just finding someone to pick on. I have three kids that fight constantly and believe me, you and your brother are not alone. Give him some time to "grow up" (it takes boys longer than girls for some reason) and hang in there. He is probably a loveable guy, somewhere deep inside all those insults. :)

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    I have the same problem; except I am 52 years old. If I were

    you I would try to have a family conference about it. Here's

    an idea: have a family prayer time, and have your Mom tell

    everyone to pray a positive prayer for their brother or sister.

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    He is mean to you because you allow it. Do not let anyone step on you, or degrade you. Especially a family member. Stop being nice...start standing up for yourself.

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    That's just the way most brothers are.

    BUT...the next time you try to be nice...remember what he says to you and the next time he talks to you do whatever it was that he did to you...and say "so... how do you like it?!"

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    you should tell your brother that you love him and then hug him and say even if you are mean tome i love you i wish you would treat me better than what you have in the past

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    i was lucky my bro was great to me but in your case tell the little d*nk to get a clue. tell him how you feel and if that doesnt work then tell your parents. stop being so nice to him if he's such a jerk.

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    He's mean because he see's it bothers you. If you act like it doesn't bother you, he will stop, some.

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    Tell him what you told us.

    I know exactly what you mean tho.


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