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I let our bunny outside everyweekend. But am not sure she enjoys here freedom, how do I tell?

I let Ruby out every chance I get. She lives in a decent cage inside our house. But when she is out in the yard, she doesn't seem to enjoy her freedom. Last time I went to bring her inside the house and she was stomping her paws on the ground? Any suggestions? Is she happy to be FREE? I am sure she gets a bit bummed to be locked up in the house, but she is free to enter and exit her cage?

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    Please do Ruby a favor and don't set her out in the yard anymore. She is an indoor bunny (as all bunnies should be) and letting her play inside your house is sufficient enough time and space outside of the cage. I once let my bunny hop in the grass and she didn't like it either. Predators could be lurking nearby which could cause your bunny to panic to the point of death. She's much safer inside playing w/you. Trust me that she'll enjoy that. Her stomping her feet was her way of telling you that she felt in danger and I'm sure you don't want that.

    Source(s): Multiple bunny owner of two years.
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    Watch her from a distance when she's outside. If she runs around, digs burrows, jumps into the air, and sniffs plants and rocks, etc., then she's probably enjoying herself. My bunny will sprint across the yard or do "kung fu kicks" while jumping almost 3 feet high when she's outside. If Ruby just sits or tries to go back inside the house or cage, then she probably doesn't like it very much. Generally though, having time outside is a good source of entertainment for house bunnies.

    Source(s): Personal experience-I have a bunny and 3 guinea pigs and a hamster.
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    Rabbits are always frightened of everything. That thumping noise she makes is a warning in "rabbit talk" to other rabbits. Loosely translated it would mean, “Run away or you’ll die.” Ruby is scared to be outside like most pet rabbits she doesn’t understand the get big outdoors. Rabbits are not like people in the fact that we get cabin fever and have to go out often. Pet rabbits aren’t made for the outside since most of them have never felt wind on their faces they don’t know how to react. I take mine outside on a “rabbit leash” for a few minutes when the weather is warm enough to nibble grass but I never let go out the lead or leave her unattended. The world is a scary place and rabbits are not at the top of the food chain. If you just let Ruby run around a “rabbit-proof” room she’ll be much happier.

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    I have 2 guinea pigs which are kept free range in the garden. When the weather's super-cold, I used to bring them in. They hated being inside, and would squeal to be let out in the morning. As a result, I got under-floor heating put in their hutch so they didn't have to come in.

    However, when I clean them out, they hate being outside. That's because they can't get into the hutch if they want to. All prey animals need to feel safe and secure when they are outside, so make sure she has access to a hutch while she's out. Also, is it a fun experience to go outside? Is there decent grass to eat, toys to play with, people around to give her attention? Try putting some of her droppings in a corner so it feels like "home"!

    Also, when I first "released" my boys, one of them was very slow to take to it. He was overweight, and the vet suggested making sure he got exercise. Easier said than done, I ended up slowly following him around to encourage him to move, sometimes with poking! Now that the weight's off, he's gallopping about and climbing into my herb pots to stuff himself. So stick with it!

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    Okay, this ones pretty cool.

    When a rabbit stomps its hiind feet it means there is something (a loud noise, another person, ect.) in the distance it is tring to warn you about.

    She is trying toalert you that something is wrong.

    No Biggie just a nice Rabbit trying to look out for ya =)

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    She probably doesn't care that she's outside. It's unfamiliar to her. If she's free to run the house then just leave her in there. My rabbits (Scarlett and Rebel and Matterhorn were all outside but they loved coming inside. They just feel safer. A rabbits instict is to be hidden. I loved my rabbits!

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