Does the away goal scoring win stand in Champions League?

I know there's a correct way of saying it. For Example, Barcelona is down 2-1 agaisnt Liverpool. So if Barca scores 1 to tie it do they win because of scoring away and making it a tie or do they have to score 2 to win?

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    if bara scored one they dont win because liverpool got 2 away goals.they'll have to score 2 to win. if it ends 2-1 it will go to extra time because both team have 2 away goals and 1 home goal.

    away goal count in the champions league.

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    First it's by aggregate, then away goals. If Barcelona wins by 1-0 in the next match, they will be tied with Liverpool in an aggregate of 2-2. But, since Liverpool scored 2 away goals while Barcelona only scored 1 away goal, Liverpool would win on away goals and advance to the next stage.

    Then like the guy above me said, if it ends in a tie in aggregate and in away goals, the match will go into extra time and then into penalty kicks if a tie remains.

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    the away goal is the first tiebreaker in the UEFA Champions' League should the match finish level on aggregate. FC Barcelona would still be eliminated even if they win 1-0 so they must now win by at least two clear goals to beat Liverpool on aggregate.

    a 2-1 win for the Catalan club would send the match into extra time & a possible penalty shoot-out could be required if no winner is decided at the end of the extra time period.

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    Firstly, Barcelona were beaten at home - so should they score one (away) goal to tie, Liverpool has more advantage since they scored two (away) goals. So, an overall draw would be a loss for Barcelona. Barcelona need to score two clear goals provided Liverpool does not score........The scores (2:1), (1:0), (3:2) to Barca will not help.

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    if the score is 2-2 during the first match and the second match ends up 0-0 then Barca would be the winner on aggregate, due to the away goal.

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    the Barca must win at least 2-0 or 3-2 .

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    Yes the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Cup use the away goals rule.

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