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How can I stop my cat from vomiting?

My cat constantly eats and then a little bit after throws up undigested food. She has been doing it for years (her whole life I think). My vet doesn't seem very concerned, she's not losing weight or anything. We've tried changing her diet to get sensitive stomach food, which helped a little bit, but not much.

What can I do? It doesn't seem to be harmful to the cat, but its really disgusting to deal with on an almost daily basis!

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    Well, if she is still doing that, you need to take her to a different vet. Maybe try giveing her some cool fresh water, it might help.

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    There are several reasons for a cat to vomit. One being, its just eating to much. The brand of kittie food can and does make a big difference. But over eating is very common. Another is worms. There are different kind of worms to cause this. A stool sample, or content sample (from the tummy), should be given to a vet to be checked. Seeing that kittie is not loosing weight, sounds like she/he is getting all the nourishment it needs Try monitoring input, and of course use the foods that seem to agree with her best. Good luck

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    Only put a little food in her bowl at a time, make sure she only eats at one designated time of the day. I had the same problem, but the cat just ate too much, too fast. Good luck!

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    got a puker =\

    watch out for what my online buddy with the award-winning cat site says is "the great cat equalizer," her kidneys. Thirst and dehydration becomes an issue.

    My cat needed to pass on President's Day earlier this year from that:

    Source(s): MessyBeast Cat Resource Archive http://messybeast.com/catarchive.htm
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    is it possible your cat has bad teeth and cant chew her food well? try giving her small amounts of canned food and see if that helps.. it worked for my cat.. good luck I know what a mess and a pain it can be.

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    I have solved my cat's same problem by giving her "cats grass", grown at balcony or windowsill

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    Tickle its belly so freaking hard it blacks out. Then go, Haha Look whos tough now!!! Then hold its face and feed it love. Giddy-up.

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