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What do I do if everybody in the house has the vomit disease and I have the biggest handin before graduation?

How do I avoid getting the stomach disease. Any ideas? I have an essay to hand in next week tht determines whether or not I graduate college, kinda huge, and while I love my room mates I cannot afford falling ill this particular time. Any ways of avoiding it?

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  • Shari
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    Wash your hands ALOT! Avoid them if you can. Like staying in your room or at the library or something. Wear a mask too. Most importantly is to wash your hands frequently! Don't touch things they have. Good Luck!

  • Rich Z
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    You could try washing your hands with an antiseptic soap everytime you touch something they might have touched.

    If you really wanted to do well on a hand-in that will determine whether or not you graduate from college, the best idea would have been to not put it off until the week before it is due.

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    well, first of all u have to know what u r exactly eating, to avoid food poisoning, so cook u r food good enough, and dont be afraid of people who vomit, simple hand washing are enough to prevent transmission of such illnesses, and if u ever felt u have to vomit, breathe into a bag, and thats it..

    good luck

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    The same thing just happened to my friend. When ever she went around the people in her house, she wore one of those masks that the doctors and dentists wear. Also try hand sanitizer and rubber gloves

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Go stay somewhere else for the next week. A friend's house, family member's house, or even a hotel.

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    lysol anything your roomates come n contact with, and I dont know if you ever heard of it but Airbourne is a great way to boost your immune system and its very inexpensive from expierence it works very well, you can get it at any local pharmacy over the counter or andy grocery store.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lysol disenfectant spray - it is wonderful. spray in the air,telephone,doorknobs ect....wash hands alot in hot water,avoid them as much as possible,don't eat food or drink prepared by them.......drink orange juice and take a multivitamin to boost your immune system,also halls vitamin c drops. good luck,hope you dont get the vomits

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    Yep - first wash everything with disinfectant that they have used or touched. Then pack yourself an overnighter and go stay with a friend

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