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can u give me advice?

y cant i get a boyfriend??? all guys want me for is friends with benifits witch it doesent bother me that thats all they want but i kinda want a b/f to...!!!

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    when you are giving away the benefits why would anyone want to date you

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    well ur givin ur self to easy. guys wont get in any sort of commitment if they dont have to. all they want is to mess around. It is the girls that respect themselves that the guys go after simply b/c they know that the girl values herself. iam not sayin to play hard to get but jsut dont give it up so easy. when they tel u that they only want to be friends with benifits just say NO (even if they are hott or wat ever).. and stik to it. thats the only way to fetch yourself a good bf. oo and one more thing.. guys only wantin u for friends with benifts and it not botherin u... thats should bother u.. ur givin ur self for cheap dont do that. iam sure ur worth more than that.

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    It sounds like an age issue. Age and maturity are not the samething but at a particular age you can espect a certain level of maturity. Guys are not really ready to be men but there bodies crave sex at 18. This is very frustrating for girls but until a boy is ready to be a man he is not going to act like one.

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    I would say then.Quit giving the benifits to any of them.Alot of times if men know we can just show up and do our thing and leave.That is exactly what we will do.

    You have to make them know.If you want it you will have to commit.If they cant do that you dont want them anyway.

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    Funny i have a friend who has the same situation ,be not so open with guys,be friends but don;t give in so easy when he wants more.If that is all they want and you give in whenever they want you don;t really want a true boyfriend!

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    I am so sorry but that friends with benefots is stupid and dangerous. I'm sorry to tell you this but if you keep that up no boy is going to be your boyfriend. You need to rethink your decisions about boys.

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    Be your self and have fun. Listen to the guys interest and dislikes then you tell him yours. Guys like it when you listen to them. Tell him how you feel. This will work. Good Luck!

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    IM IN THE SAME GODDAMN BOAT Hun, Join the Club.....Hmmmm, maybe we're too Pretty to be taken Seriously, Damn!

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    why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

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