Prescription drug abuse and the counterfeit drugs!?

Maybe I am a cold hearted ****** but maybe conterfeit presciption drugs are a good thing! If you are some one who has a real medical reason to be on drugs then this should not affect you. But if you are a user and you end up taking a conterfeit drug that can kill you then it is your own damm fault because YOU MADE THAT CHOICE. Nobody puts a gun to someones head and say take these you do it out of total disregarde for the leagal system and for your own well being. So what is wrong with it? I mean if it take a few people dying (by doing something illeagal!) then maybe it will get the message across to people who are thinking of doing it and if they still do it then tuff luck it will be a better world with out them! And I don't want to hear that it's an addiction because there is help out there but YOU HAVE TO MAKE THAT CHOICE!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    But you forget that people that are in sincere, real pain are having to turn to other options because of the strict control over prescriptions.

    I say the government is meddling and so many people are suffering....

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