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Has anyone out there ever been deceived by Jesus Christ?

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    one of the 12 disciples,

    he's purpose in life was to betray Christ, he was born and he died for that reason and now hes is in hell for it...

    now do you see how he was deceived???

    people only See's what he did to Christ but not how he suffered for the salvation of humanity.

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    I think the real question should be has anyone out here ever been deceived by the sweating, polyester-clad, hand-wringing conmen who claim to speak for Jesus Christ...

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    It is against His very nature, He cannot contradict Himself.

    "However" the enemy is clever and sometimes disguises himself as light.

    Source(s): bible
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    Hooray for JooniMoon.

    No, I have not. Satan is the master of deceit.

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    not me .and joonimoon i think your response is perfect!!!

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