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do you think the censors at answers yahoo?

do you think the censors at answers yahoo get a kick out of some of the answers posted ?

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    There really are NO censors at Y!A. The reporting is done by the folks on here, like you and me, just plain folks. We use the "report abuse" flag or link to report things we think are wrong, violate the guidelines, or, for some, just because they can. If enough of these are done to a single question or answer, it AUTOMATICALLY get a violation notice, gets removed and has points taken away. If it gets REALLY bad, the account will be suspended automatically, or even closed, along with ALL YAHOO accounts linked to that email. There IS an appeal process, but . . .

    Source(s): Be warned!
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    I questoin how some of the cussing gets by them (the full words, unlike those that self-censor.)

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    And who are these people anyway? It's like the Wizard of Oz!

    I hope they're not reading this now. Gotta go.

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    Probably, what amazes me, is that when there's a question about their software or applications they don't step in and give an official update. you think they would.

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