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Going back to blonde?

I currently have dark brown hair (it has been dyed). I tried to bleach it once but it went ORANGE & I got it done at the hairdressers, I don't want that to happen again so what do you guys recommend?

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    Usually it take more than one go at it, especially since it has been previously dyed. I would have done a major whole head highlight so you can ease back into blonde, without it looking fake. Go back to the salon and have them do it again-since you are at the orange stage maybe one more time should do it. If not, or even better, find a new stylist that is good with color correction.

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    look for a salon that uses Pervan to remove artifical pigment. Bleach is harmful and doesn't remove all the the pigment. The directions must be followed and it is a two part process. I have seen it first hand remove dark pigments and the quality of the hair, was impressive. Much better than the straw you are left with when using bleach. Great luck to you


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    dont bleach just do major highlights. I dyed brown & went back blonde. That is how I did it!

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