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I am planing on becoming a cardiovascular surgeon and graduating from Harvard, any suggestions?

I am 15, a freshman in high school. Next year I will be taking honors chemistry, Honors Biology, and, if the school will let me, honors physics and honors anatomy. I want to go to Harvard, but I am also applying to Stanford, Oxford,and a few others along with safety schools. My college fund can cover these school, so I am more worried about getting accepted. I have an internship scheduled with a local cardiovascular surgeon (I live in Montana if that really matters), will attend a medical camp this summer that has some of the world's top sergeons teaching, will volunteer at three hospitals this summer, and, as a job, day trade in the stock market (that way I can make $1000 in one weekend of doing nothing, as opposed to working for minimum wage). Is there anything else that I can do to increase my chances of being accepted? Do you have any suggestions? Thank You. You can also e-mail me at if you have any more suggestions. Thanks once again.

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    Honey you are doing all the right things just study hard, it will be more than worth the effort in the long run.

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