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Why are most conservatives against abortion and sex education?

Abstinence is proven to NOT work. Face it - kids are going to experiment. I'm not in favor of abortion as a form of birth control, but to take safe abortion off the table is pollyanna thinking at best.

What's wrong with educating our children to the consequences of their actions? You can provide sex ed without encouraging promiscuity. Seems like a lot of sticking your head in the sand and hoping it will go away.


Sway - do you mean war?

Update 2:

Sway - do you mean war?

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    The religious conservatives want to remove their kids from public education entirely. Talk about hiding their heads in the sand...

    They want to grow little copies of themselves, not have their kids make better lives for themselves.

    Ruth - then do something about it instead of bash it hon. Oh, I forgot - you don't actually want to pay for anything that might make the US a better place. My mistake.

    btw - argument from personal experience is a logical fallacy. Just thought you'd like to know - being an attorney and all.

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    I am pretty hardcore conservative in all my views however

    - I am PRO choice because sometimes its best for society for a drug addict to not have a kid, or someone who was raped etc. An embryo is not a life, which brings me to my second beliefe

    - Embryos SHOULD be used for Stem Cell research. Once we get good science behind it we wont need embryos anymore and the potential medical implications of stem cells is endless.

    - I am not a christian.

    -Sex ed is innefective, however I do believe we should teach it for the few that it is effective for. Even the word abstinence makes me laugh, who does that anymore?

    I however fully support the war and almost all other conservative values. I dont think gays should be "Married" because that term is reserved for a man and a woman and has been so since written history began. They should have some kind of legal union, call them partners or whatever but not married. They should not be able to adopt.

    @ laughing man

    "Conservatives have real hang ups on their own sexuality. Sex to them is real dirty and shouldn't be discussed freely. "

    Bro i would suggest you ask your mom about the freaky republican d*ck.

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    Abstinence works every time it's tried. If people are going to act irresponsibly, they need to deal with the consequences of their behavior. That said, there's nothing wrong with education on the biological aspects of human reproduction. Ignorance is never a good thing.

    Abortion is killing an innocent human being for the sake of convenience; it should be considered capital murder IMO.

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    I'm a pro-life conservative - but if you want to kill babies, the government says it's your right to choose. As for sex education - obviously abstinence only doesn't work. We learned about safe sex in school - but that didn't stop my friends and peers from getting pregnant or getting STDs. So it looks like that doesn't work very well either. Isn't it ultimately the parent's responsibility to teach their children about morals and safe sex?

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    Of all the people who are pushing abstinence in Congress, I would give a pretty penny to find out who saved it until marriage, I'm guessing the number is very low.

    And for those who say they don't want Government teaching sex ed, well then, why would you want Government making the decision about what you do with your body?

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    Because they wish they could go back to the good old days when most women were barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen where they belong!!

    Think of it this way: for every maternity leave a working woman takes, she falls that much farther behind her male coworkers. Then, once she has more than two kids, the cost of child care can be so high that it makes more sense for her to stay at home with her children and take care of them herself (heaven forbid the father should stay home with them!).

    Can you really blame all of these fat old white guys for wanting to come home from a hard day at work to find a hot, home-cooked meal on the table waiting for them? I know I would enjoy that myself!

    I bet if we told them the reason we want to provide sex ed is so all of our women will learn how to properly please their future husbands in bed, they wouldn't have so many complaints.

    Oh, by the way... my grandma, who was a very devout Catholic that did not believe in premarital sex or birth control, had 13 children. Something like the 1st 10 of these children got married because they "had to." Then she got wise and started telling her youngest 3 about safe sex. Lo and behold, not one of them got pregnant before they got married. Hmmmmm.....

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    Your assessment of teens and their parental relationship is dismissive at best. There's nothing wrong with teaching abstinence. Handing out condoms is simply licensing behavior that could be avoided.

    As for abortions, less than 1,000 women per year died from so-called back alley abortions prior to Roe v Wade. We've killed off 40 million potential children since. That's far too many abortions of convenience.

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    Of course absinence works. It has worked for thousands of years. If you don't do the deed, you won't get pregnant. . .outside of artificially injecting sperm into yourself. Most kids are going to experiment, yes, but there are still those who understand the sacredness of giving themselves to someone and will wait until marriage. As for abortion, I don't know anyone in their right mind who feels that crushing a baby's skull and suctioning out her brain is an ok thing to do. Not to mention a baby has a heartbeat and a forming brain and 3 weeks after conception. That means he or she is a LIVING, GROWING HUMAN.

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    You know, I laughed when I read your statement that abstinence doesn't work.

    That has to mean only one of two things:

    1) You think that babies are made some OTHER way, which means you really haven't got this sex thing figured out, yet


    2) You are so weak and immoral that self-control escapes you

    Dude, kids have been experimenting with sex ever since there's been puberty. If you care about your kids, you'll raise them to have a high regard for relationships and think of sex as a part of something bigger, and you'll work to protect them from ruining thier lives with an unplanned pregnancy.

    That's what conservatives stand for: family values.

    (And a father with a gun.)

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    Abstinence does work silly, no sex means no sexually transmitted illness, it means no pregnancy. As to abortion I just don't think it is a taxpayer responsibility. Making abortion illegal would grow the underclass to a point that we would be drowned by them so by all means keep it legal. Sex-ed should be taught at home. I don't need the government interfering with the raising of my family

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