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Is jealousy a sign of weakness?

OR is she just needing more attention .... OR is she lacking in self love OR did she always have the center of attention given to her & now as a adult she is just imature.b/c life does not care ? Is a person like this self consumed & shallow ? Should she get help?

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    It can be caused by people in her past being unfaithful,and now she has difficulty trusting.

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    Well, jealousy is a human nature in my book, but it all depends how a person deals with it, if she's going off the deep end, for what reason to get who ever or what ever. Maybe she will need help, But if a person can control jealousy and realize that everyone dose get that way, from time to time. Only she can figure out, if it's caused by lack of love, crying for attention, or shallow, maybe. But maybe it goes deeper, was she was rasied in a home where her actions that were fueled by her jealousy were nourished. Who knows, if your having problems with her, maybe ask her, and if that dosen't work, ask another question on yahoo. Hoped i could help.

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    Jealousy can come from many different angles. Self esteem issues or past personal experiences, I believe to be the greatest influences though. Try to look at things from her point of view. What's the situation when she gets jealous? Are there anythings that you are doing or saying that would give her cause to feel this way? She may even be confused and scared of her own emotions when it comes to you and your relationship. Try not to judge her, but to understand and maybe it will help bring some clarity to you, her and the relationship. Have you just tried talking to her? Ask her why she feels this way and assure her of your feelings. Just be careful not to phrase things wrong and cause more trouble. Good Luck!!

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    Generally speaking i would say jealousy is a sing of a low sel esteem, or sometimes people just love the drama of a torrid romance.

    However before you decide she is a mental case make sure you step back and see if you did anything to warrent her jealousy. If you have cheated on her then her feelins may be justified---on the same note...if she can forgive you for cheating then she shouldnt be with you.

    If you didnt cheat just try to work with her though her issues i guess.

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    Yes... weakness. No...shallow.

    Don't tell her what she NEEDS to do. Tell her how what she does makes you feel.

    Also realize that this is a looooooong road AND it could be your LIFE. However, if you are a chronic pleaser then, you two r made for each other.

    Give her more attention. Include her in everything... (hide nothing) and always be accountable to her 24/7. It could be a bottomless pit. Are you up for could be your life. Get counselling.

    You deserve a good life.

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    im in the same situation. but mine is because she wants all of my attention an doesn't want any one else including family to have it. it could also mean she has done it in the past or is doing it now an is worried you are doing it. there is no certain answer. they are not shallow but possibly spoiled when she was smaller. but yes i would say for her to talk to a counsiler to help her over come this problem

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    Jealousy can be a sign of insecurity or fear.Maybe she was betrayed or someone was unfaithful to her.She may feel there is a rival she has to compete with...In any case, jealousy can destroy your chances of a happy life.She should get help dealing with this problem..

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    Yes it is a sign of weakness, if someone is jealouse of someone that means the person does not want to lose the person and anything getting to close to the person is a threat, that proves that it is the persons weakness, and if the person is extremely jealouse then yes she needs help!

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    most of the time jealousy is a sign of a lack of trust. if she is extremely jealous, then she may need help. like does she go off when a pretty woman passes in the street and she thinks you noticed. is she jealous of every woman you may work with? does she think everytime the phone rings and it was wrong number it was your girlfriend. those things are over the top.

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    Jealous girls have generally been hurt very deeply and are just trying to heal. Go to the library and find some good books to help her through this time ... don't give her anymore stuff to be hurt about. You can be the hero! GL.

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    You don't give specifics, so it's difficult to answer your question, do in general: YES, jealousy is a sign of weakness, low self-esteem, immaturity, and self-centeredness.

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