clomid??? me and my hubby want a baby help!!!?

What should me and my Husband do???

well i found out 3 months ago i have hepothirodism and im not ovulating so i went on feb 27,2007 and took another blood test for my thyroid and its almost normal she uped my meds and hopes that in another 3 months is will be noramal me and my husband have been trying now for a year and 1/2 or more and i just feel as there is nothing i can do i want to go on clomid and my primary doc says ok and my obgyn wants it in writing so she will but if my ob had it her way she would wait another 3months till my throid is normal what should i do??? i feel my ob is not really helping me just telling me to wait but my doc said i can work on both at the same time.... plzzzzz help......

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    well u can always get a second opinion how long have you been with your ob? but wouldn't u rather be safe then sorry what if u get pregnant and ur thyroid starts acting up? they wont be able to stabilize it as easily and it wont be good for you or the baby. I would give yourself at least a month or so with a stabilized thyroid level just too make sure but by means have fun practicing just be safe i know you two really want a baby but you want to have a healthy and happy pregnancy not one full of worry. I wish you the best of luck and im sorry if what i said wasn't what you wanted to hear but hopefully it will help!

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    I would go with what the ob says...she is going to be the one monitoring you wheil on clomid...why not be totally healthy brfore startign the clomid. Your Ob is helping you by telling you to wait...its already been 18 months...another 3 is fine. I had tried for 18 months before finding out that being on teh depo shot had stopped me from ovulating...then I went on clomid and was pregnant within 3 months. Hang in there...eb totally safe with you thyroid.

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    Stick with the OB says - he is the specialist and calm down and exercise some patience

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