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So Michael Cole and Vito hang out in bars and drink together??

Do you find it more odd that Michael Cole hangs out with a guy in a dress or that Vito hangs out with Michael, the commentator that John Cena and JBL keep dissing?

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    No they don't hang out and drink together. JBL and John Cena just like to make fun of him because Cole used to work for CNN and has never wrestled in his life.

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    Its a storyline, they dont really go out, and maybe jbl and john cena get along well with cole backstage.

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    They do not really hang out together.It is just a part of the storyline.

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    No that's all a joke - though it would be a funny sight to see!

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    That's just a storyline...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Maybe their GAY!

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