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Why do people work at WalMart and Why should you care Mr. Middle class America?

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There are just no other jobs sir. when a large conglomerate comes in and undercuts their competitors out of business one of the things that happens when they go out of business is they let go employees and don't hire more. When WalMart successfully takes over a market in an area people who would be working at the other retail stores that pay better, and have better benefits end up with little recourse but to work at Walmart. Since Reagan and Bush senior cut federal aid for state sponsored scholarships in the 1980's many people did not, and do not have the luxury of a higher education to be able to pick and choose like yourself. The other major problem with the WalMart phenomenon is that when they become a major employer for an area the other places who employ find that they can get away with also paying people less and not giving them benefits. How does this effect you Mr. Upper-middle Class America?

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Well for one people with out adequate health insurance don't tend to go to the doctor much. So preventative medicine is non existent. They don't seek treatment until they are very ill and usually go to the emergency room(The most expensive type of care) They can't pay their bills, and with an overwhelmingly increase in this kind of activity the Hospitals(They are a business you know, Republicans have resisted attempts to socialize medicine)They pass the cost down to the paying customers and insurance companies. Thus what conservatives in office save the middleclass in taxes is usually eroded by the highcost of undersocialized society. Not to mention the advers effects of under payed people not being able to afford child care. Which contributes to delinquency and crime, witch ends up costing you again either directly as a victem or indirectly in taxes to support more police and prisons.

Update 3:

This my brothers and sisters is why I am a Liberal and if I can't afford to by something from any place but WalMart Save my money until I can, or I don't really need it that bad.

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    I read this book called Nickel and Dimed, by Barbara Ehrenreich.

    She is a writer who sort of went under cover to see what life is really like for low income working people. She actually took low paying jobs, and tried to make ends meet. One of the places she worked was Walmart, and I am glad that I was able to find a somewhat better job. The job I have is not a very good job, but if I had to work at Walmart, I would most likely be living in a rat and cockroach infested hole in the wall. I know, first hand what it is like to live in the low income working world, and anyone who says we don't work hard are full of $hit. And you are right,

    Ed-Mike about how Walmart has made it even harder for people to get jobs that pay decent wages and benefits.

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    You're ignoring the cost savings provided by a Wal Mart. Wal Mart saves an average family 3,000 to 4,000 dollars a year. That is quite a bit, especially for low to middle class shoppers.

    And if you do the math, you will see that those savings more than offset the $.50 - $.75 lower wages that Wal Mart pays when compared to other retailers (assuming they pay less than other retailers, which I highly doubt)

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    Anyone ever wonder why the left has decided to pick on Walmart?

    Sales clerks at JC Penny, Target, Sears, Parks Belks, ect make the same wage and have the same benefits as Walmart clerks do.

    They all sell the same items, made in the same countries.

    But the left somehow things they are standing up for the lil guy when they buy their blue jeans made in guatamala at JC Penny, instead of buying their blue jeans made in guatamala at Walmart.....wierd

    And about Reagan and Bush Sr cutting education funding ??

    here are the facts about education funding:

    Post Secondary Education Funding

    Reagan - 6.8 billion to 11 billion , a 61% increase

    Bush SR - 11 billion to 15.7 billion, a 42% increase

    Clinton - 15.7 billion to 9.6 billion, a 63% cut

    Bush JR - 9.6 billion to 45.4 billion, a 368% increase

    Pell Grant Funding

    Reagan - 2.18 billion to 4.48 billion, a 105% increase

    Bush SR - 4.48 billion to 6.45 billion, a 43% increase

    Clinton - 6.45 billion to 8.75 billion, a 35% increase

    Bush JR - 8.75 billion to 17.3 billion, a 97.7% increase

    The facts don't lie, Republican Presidents have always funded education more than democrats have.

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    People work at wal-mart to earn money to pay bills and have a better life. Do you really believe that the mom and pop stores that closed because they were unable to compete with wal-mart were paying high wages with high benefit packages. Is it better to for all working class Americans to pay more for goods and services to uphold your warped sense of social conciseness? Have you noticed that wal-mart provides more benefits in cost savings to the American working class than the total dollars spent by government to help the working class.

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    People work at Wal-Mart because they either need a part-time job, a job after retirement, or they're too proud to take a government handout. I care because I love the lower prices. If you can't compete, you go out of business. Capitalism is so beautiful! If you don't like working at Wal-Mart, get a job somewhere else or start your own business producing something! Provide a service for Pete's sake! I worked at Wal-Mart....twice! The only thing I couldn't stand were the lazy people I had to cover for!

  • I do not work there. I assume towns like it when Wal-Mart comes because it brings jobs, consumers, and therefore a tax base.

    I'm not sure what to compare the Wal-Mart jobs to - bettery paing jobs, or not having a job at all.

    I suppose people can refuse to shop there if they don't like it. Or work there either!

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    Why do people even go there? Most of the products aren't made in the US and are shoddy and the way they treat their employees is terrible and well-known.

    I go to Costco, with, I might add, money that I have earned from working! (Damn liberal, taking away a job from a Republican!)

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    I have never worked at walmart but i am friends with people who have and they said it sucks!!!!!!!!!!! My friends didn't like it when some of the employees wanted some union. Unions suck!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a good think walmart isn't union!!!!!!!!!!! They also thought it sucked because the pay sucked, the hours sucked, management sucked, etc. When you're 17 or 18 where are you supposed to work? You don't have a lot of options. Walmart just sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hate to burst your bubble, but one of my sisters-in-law works at Wal-Mart because she actually LIKES it. She's very smart and I used to get pissed at her for what I saw as a lack of ambition, but she's genuinely HAPPY at her job. In fact, our local Wal-Mart doesn't seem to have a very high turnover - lots of familiar faces.

    Why does the left complain so bitterly about Wal-Mart when quite a few of it's employees are happy?

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