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Please Tell Me... What is Hugo going to do with that P.O.S. van that they found?! His hope-theory STINKS!?

LOST is about to LOSE me as a fan. The show is getting to me more and more.. The first couple of episodes that started this season off were okay. I am wondering if I should stay a LOST fan....

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    I think it was to really just change his view point on the whole situation, because everyone invovled then seemed to leave with optimism and hope in their situation. It wasn't a really good episode, I'll agree with that. But it will probably serve a bigger purpose. Like once they realize that they found a map and a workman, who probably was helping to create the island, before he drunkly tipped over his VW Van.

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    I feel the same way, LOST has definitely lost the edge that it had in the first two seasons. They seem to be more and more focusing on just one character per episode but not giving away anything major about the island or the others. I found last night's episode really boring. I also thought he was an idiot to keep driving it around and wasting the gas in the tank if they plan on using it to get around the island later. I am also disappointed that they haven't addressed what happened to Michael and his son (they finally had Kate reference it last night).

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    "Dude", chill out, I think he is just wanting to find something fun to do on the island just like when they made the golf course. Wouldn't you want to find something fun to do if you were stuck on an island with not much to do?

    Yes, the episode was a bit slow, as were the past few, but I'm still a fan of the show. I figure that one of these days they just might put some excitement back into the show again. Besides, I like seeing everyone's past. It gets you to know the person better, and explains why they are the way they are.

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    I think Hurley would say you're being a pessimistic lughead who needs a little release.

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