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Is the phrase "YOU PEOPLE" when referring to one's ethnic group racist?

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    Depends on what the ethnic group in question is.

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    No really, because it could be used to group people together in so many ways-

    people who live together

    people who work together

    any combination of people doing something together, but not always sharing an ethnic backgroud.

    And if a person was lumping an ethnic group into YOU PEOPLE, they could be tacking it onto something positive and complementary, which some people could consider racist, but I don't.

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    I am not sure. Is the phrase "You N's" when referring to one's certain ethnic group racist? That is how my co-workers refer to my ethnicity.

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    That could be considered a yes and no question depending on who you are asking. Me personally, I would not taki it as racist but then I am more easy going when it comes to ethnicity. My end answer to your question, given how people are these days, most would consider that phrase racist...sad really.

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    I think it has a racist undertone. Like a big sign saying wait for it...He's about to say something racist. I would suggest not using the phrase.

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    Not really, but when dealing with very thin skinned hair trigger ethnic groups it turns into a big situation.

    Poor Ross Perot make this mistake talking to the NAACP back in 92


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    It does not have to be.

    It is a term used to get a groups attention.

    I think if it were used you would know whether or not it was being directed as a racist comment.

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    Yes, and it can be any ethnic group against another.

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    yes, because the pronoun is directly removed from i

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