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Can i connect to my other computer using a wireless connection?

I am trying to use my laptop to connect to my other computer in my basement i was wondering if their is a way to do this and if there was how would i do that. I need to install files if possible on this other computer or to take files from it uusing a wireless connection. thank you for the help!

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    Yes. You need a wireless router attached to one of the machines. Then, you'll need a wireless network card in the other machine. The router and card are available at most electronic stores. They're very easy to set up and usually come with good instructions for doing so.

    Once that's set up, you can share files between the two if you enable file sharing on both computers and they're in the same workgroup.

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    You can use a wireless connection. Actually a wireless router is not required. You can setup an ad-hoc network. It's not very secure, so I wouldn't leave it up. In fact a USB flash drive would accomplish the same thing and be much less trouble.

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    both computers need a wireless card. and then just set up an Ad-Hoc network, to connect them. it's like the old school serial connectiion with the cross over cable, but without a router, save you about 50 bucks. Good luck.

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    in spite of if somebody else is determining on up on the sign (i.e. your neighbor) you may nevertheless be waiting to apply it. The sign should not be constrained to a minimum of one consumer, it extremely is why working example distinctive computer clientele can p.c.. up on the comparable sign at a library, wifi section, e.t.c. i'm no longer familiar with on the spot routing on popular desktops as I even have by no potential used this, yet i'm assuming from what you assert which you would be able to have a ethernet cable as you do with a computer on a community section community.

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    several ways #1 setup a workgroup

    #2 use a vnc program such as teamviewer (yes free ) to vnc to the other pc

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