i ask women do u get into relationships for phsical reasons or for the emotional aspect. and men the same question. take a long time to think about this question. please

also what do you think love is, tell me anything you think please

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    1 decade ago
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    definately the emotional aspect becuase if ur in a realtionship for only physical reasons, its basically just a fling! its basically pointless becuase if alll you want is the physicallity, you might as well just get a stripper or prostitute....unless ur cheap!

    love is when you care more about another person than you care about yourself! they mean the world to you and you want to be with them every second of every day. no matter how mad they make you at times... you still cant take ur mind off of them!

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    Often a relationship can start by physical attraction and it either begins to fade or you find other things that attract you to your mate. I had to start dating again after a very long time of being "off the market." I found that now I look for something deeper, a common interest or a mutual understanding of things.

    Love...To me love is a devotion to someone that goes beyond the physical boundary. Respect, admiration, devotion and generally needing that person to make you a whole. When you can give up everything for that love, then you have found it. However, don't give up everything, because some of that "everything" is what makes you special to them.

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    I get into relationships for both emotional and physical reasons. I know that I am taking a chance getting into any relationship because I know I may get hurt, but its a great feeling when your in love and you always can't live without sex.

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    I married my husband because I was emotionally and physically attracted to him. He gets me. And I get him (most of the time). We are able to make each other better people, which I believe is why marriage was created.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i get into relationships for the emontional part of it. i dont care if i ever have sex as long as i know she is there with me.

  • 1 decade ago

    Both for me.

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