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are there truly legit ways to make a living sitting here on this computer all day?

i mean are there ways to get started making money without , sending in money, just sittin here in my pajamas all day? ansering questonairres or what have u?

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    The only way you can make money with your computer is by doing something people will pay you for. Developing software, designing logos, stationery, and Web sites, writing, editing, laying out print publications, all that jazz.

  • Yes, it called affiliate marketing. Create a website with articles and use affiliate links to the products that people will buy, receive commissions.

    You might be an expert in some field - write a nice website, use you knowledge, became an expert, do internet marketing.

    Nice places to get affiliate links: Link Share and Commission Junction

    Hope this helps,

    Marina Lando


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    Hi, I'm making money online through sites that pay you for doing surveys and joining free web sites, it's really easy. I made 64$ last weekend, in addition I have a tutorial for better success.

    Here's a link to top 10 web sites I use and also you can contact me via email to get a bonus offer where you can make a LOT of money.

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    I'd love to find a way to do that, but I'm thinking it is just a dream.

    In spite of what Steve R (your first answerer) says, what he is spewing IS spam, he has used the same cut and paste for all of his answers.

    There are legitimate home jobs out there, but I am finding that the majority of the jobs are for established employees- employees that have been with a company for a long time.

    I'll still keep looking though.

    Good luck~!

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    Trading stocks: I personally do it, but don't sit in front of a computer all day.

    Succesful websites: Have declined after the dot com bubble burst, but it may be.

    Other trading: Import something special, hard to find from a third world country at cheap costs, yet with good demand for it, and sell it in your website and/or eBay

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    Hi Doug,

    You could use a service such as logmein and skype and train people all over the world in how to use a particular software.

    I train people in how to use MYOB all over the world at little cost to myself - as both Skype & LogMeIn can be free depending on how you set them up.

    I guess the costs involved are web site & advertising.


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    No this isn't SPAM people,its actual earnings. CashCrate is a great site to make money on if you live in the USA (or Canada). I made $494+ in February. But it did take a bit of work initially--I added referrals--and the money got better. And I believe my earnings will continue to grow. I started by answering surveys on CashCrate and filling out some free offers and received a real check from them. For example, I signed up for E-bay and made a bid and got paid $8.00. And there are no fees to join. It is totally free. So I made a little my first month with them.


    But once I found out this site was legit, I started adding referrals. For every person you refer, you get 20% of what they earn. And for every person that one of your referrals refer to CashCrate, you get 10%. It may take some time to build up the number of referrals necessary to make a lot of money, but in time--this could be a great source of income--making money while other people are in a sense, working for you. And by the way--never join a work at home program that wants you to pay up front. If they were making that much money, they wouldn't need to charge you. Note: There are not many offers on this site for users outside of the USA (there quite a few offers for Canadian users though). But if you are in another country, you could still refer users from the USA to CashCrate and make money on those referrals. -

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    you said happy with the way i am living my life? yes! absolutely! i am living it and trying to make the best of it though there is not much of a choice. :-) btw if you asked i was happy about how my life is,then may be it would have been a different response from me. :-)

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    Sell stuff on ebay. You can become an admin for a website.

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    Yeah, just come up with a good idea, like Google, Yahoo, or Youtube

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