I need to know any tourist places for Tunisia, Africa. If you know ANYTHING at all to do, or where to stay..?

please let me know!!

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    Depending on what city you go to will depend on what you will be able to do. Four of the most common cities for tourists are Hammamet, Sousse, Djerba, and Tunis.

    Hammamet is a great touristic town that is divided into two parts: The old city, and the new touristic city (called Yassmine Hammamet). The old city has it's charm because it has a nice medina and the city itself is wonderful to explore. But for vacation purposes, Yassmine Hammamet would be the place to go. That is where the major hotels are located, and there is an amusement park, resteraunts and golf courses there as well. Here is a website that you may find useful:


    There are many fascinating places in Tunis. There is:

    NORTH AFRICA AMERICAN CEMETERY: A resting place for all the Americans who lost their lives in WWII. The cemetery site covers 27 acres of the plateau between the Mediterranean and the Bay of Tunis, both of which are a mile or so distant. It is located near the site of the ancient Carthaginian city destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC and lies over part of the site of Roman Carthage.http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-5ksVjU47eqs_12qDwPw...

    THE BARDO MUSEUM. 4 km/2.5mi west of Tunis is the suburb of Le Bardo, famed for the Bardo National Museum, which has the world's largest collection of Roman mosaics and other antiquities of interest from Ancient Greece, Carthage and from the Arab period, and it ranks with the Egyptian Museum in Cairo as one of the two great museums of North Africa.

    CARTHAGE. It is the famed capitol of the ancient world and is located on the eastern side of Lake Tunis across from the center of modern Tunis. Now there is a museum there where you can view the ruins and ancient artifacts.

    SIDI BOU SAID. The town is a tourist attraction because it is known for the extensive use of blue and white colors (the traditional colors of Tunisia) all over the town. All kinds of souvenirs can be bought in the main street. There is the traditional High Coffee there which is worth a look. My favorite is a coffee that overlooks the marina. It has fantastic views and a wonderful ambiance.

    THE MEDINA. Just going there you can feel the history come to life. The streets are buzzing with shoppers and sellers. The medina itself contains around 700 monuments, including palaces, mosques, mausoleums, madrasas and fountains dating from the Almohads and the Hafsids periods.

    DAR BEN ABDALLAH. A small but interesting museum within an 18th-century palace in the medina, covering the everyday life of a rich merchant in the Ottoman era.

    ZITOUNA MOSQUE. The largest mosque in Tunisia. This Aghlabite mosque dates back to the 9th century. Modest dress is essential, and non-Muslims can only enter the courtyard, not the mosque itself.

    PORT DE FRANCE. It is comprised of architecture and decoration from many different styles and periods and is believed to stand on the remains of a Roman theatre as well as the tenth century palace of Ziadib-Allah II al Aghlab.

    CATHEDRAL OF ST. VINCENT DE PAUL. It is located in downtown Tunis. It is a grand church situated in between shops and coffees.

    DOWNTOWN TUNIS ITSELF. Here you can see the French infuence on Tunisia as many of these old buildings are built in French style. It also is home to a beautiful giant clock tower that is illuminated at night.

    LA MARSA. It is a coastal town not far from Tunis. It is a popular vacation spot for many middle class Tunisians, being one of the only accessable beaches in the capitol.

    BIZERTE. I know it's not in Tunis, but it's only about a 45 minutes to an hours ddrive away, and it is gorgeous! This is where many of the residents of Tunis come for their summer escape to the beach. It is the northern most point of Africa and because of that, the majority of the city is boardered by the Sea. The beaches are pristine, and it offers some great resteraunts and peaceful moments.

    Sousse is one of the older cities in Tunisia, and possesses an authentic medina, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

    PORT EL KANTAOUI http://www.portelkantaoui.com.tn/english/index.htm... a tourist complex 10 kilometers north of Sousse. It is home to a modern marina equipped for over 300 boats and several golf courses, as well and a full array of other sporting activities from water skiing to paragliding. The 36-hole PGA approved championship course makes Port El Kantaoui a popular destination for golfing. http://www.kantaouigolfcourse.com.tn/ The architecture, although modern and dazzlingly white, has been modelled on the more traditional buildings in Tunisia, complete with narrow streets and arches. The hotels that line the beachfront extend from Sousse itself along miles of sparkling clean sea to Port El Kantaoui.

    AQUA PALACE. There is a new water has many different types of water rides and fun things to enjoy. There are green spaces, beaches, pizzerias, a restaurant, a buffet restaurant, coffee, bars, solarium, shady spots, a children's paddling area with water games, and a relaxing jacuzzi on top of all the exciting rides.


    HANNIBAL PARK. It's an amusement park that has a famous roller coaster and has many souvenir shops. Fairground rides set in a fairy tale landscaped park including a merry go-round, trampolines, walk ways, bouncy castle and swings.

    HERGLA KARTING PARK. It is another amusement park and offers lots of fun. There is one ride on there that is extremely fun, but not for the faint of heart! I've been on it - it takes you high in the air, and turns you every which way, and even stops and let you dangle for a bit. It also has a mini zoo down by the race tracks.

    OASIS PARC BOTANIQUE. A botanic park with over 25,00 aromatic and medicinal plants and birds including ostriches, parrots and various rare chickens, and a bird style circus with clowns and magicians.

    FRIGUIA SAFARI PARK. The Park runs a breeding program for threatened species and you can take a drive to see the lions, giraffes and elephants and various other African wildlife that now live there.

    GREAT MOSQUE. It is a surprisingly tranquil place despite its location in the middle of the city. Built around 850 AD, the mosque is simple and done in the Aghlabite style; no decoration whatsoever aside from a string of angular Arabic and curved arches. Even the prayer room is covered in reed mats instead of the usual carpet. You must be properly dressed to enter, but green wraps can be rented for a token fee to cover up.

    MOSAIC MUSEUM. Located in the gently crumbling old kasbah on the edge of the medina. It has what is clearly Tunisia's second most important collection of mosaics; second only to the Bardo museum in Tunis. The exhibits are dominated by mosaics, but there are many other objects too, like vases, masks, statues and whole burial tombs. The epoch covered here is mainly Roman Tunisia, which are the centuries around year 0. To this period also belong objects from Christian catacombs in the Sousse region. Just look out for objects and mosaics with the 'XP' symbol. Another great attraction are found with the mosaics showing scenes from amphitheaters.

    THE TRADITIONAL TUNISIAN HOUSE. This charming little museum is located within the old city walls some 200 yards north of the main bus terminal is the home of a long standing Tunisian family that has now become a museum with the passing of the last family member. The property centers on a open courtyard from which access to all the rooms can be gained, including bedrooms for the first and second wife and, in turn, to the children's rooms. All are delightfully fully furnished, with some curtains dating back 200 years, and with German clocks imported from the 1800's. The house is complete with a tower, orginally used to watch the stars fror the onset of Ramadan, from which views over Sousse can be gained.

    CATACOMBS. Many believe that catacombs were built as hiding areas for Christians during time of persecution under the Romans. And even more are unaware of Tunisia's past as a Christian country.The catacombs were not shelters for the living, but rather for the dead. The tunnels originally stretched for more than 5 km, and contains 15,000 graves. The area open to visitors, has only about 100 metres of tunnels, but you can see through iron gates into continuing tunnels.

    Sousse also has great nightlife with many restaurants, discos, cafés, and plenty of shopping! The coast has good beaches and a clear turquoise sea - perfect for swimming. You can also take carriage rides throughout the city which is always a fun way to sight-see!

    Djerba is beautiful. It is is the largest island off North Africa, located in the Gulf of Gabes and is a popular tourist destination. Here there is the Djerban Marina. There is a boat ride from 9-3 that takes you out and does animation. They feed you grilled fish, some appetizers, do face paintings for the kids, and the staff are all dressed as pirates In the summer they even let you stop to swim. There is also a famous restaurant called Restaurant Essoufra. This restaurant offers EXCELLENT authentic Tunisian food, a great atmosphere, and reasonable prices. A great experience to have! Many travelers arriving at Djerba pass through the village of Ajim, the 1977 location of the Mos Eisley exterior scenes in the first Star Wars movie. More picturesque however is the little visited city of Guellala with it's museum of ancient Tunisian traditions.

    FORT BORJU I-KABIR. Sometimes called Borj Ghazi Mustapha, has had many owners over the years. It was the Romans building the first recorded stronghold here, but it was the king of Sicily, Roger de Lluria, who in 1289 built the very first fortress.

    PARC DJERBA EXPLORE. There are three main themes running throught the park, but the most popular is the crocodiles. In an area of over 20000 meters square there are over 400 crocodiles. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and answer all questions along with giving useful bits of information.

    Many visitors are intrigued by the presence of Jews, whose main synagogue is in Hara Sghira, while the majority lives in Hara Kebira. One of the most photographed places in Djerba is the mosque in El May.

    Unfortunately, many of the people visiting Djerba, only stay in the Zone touristique, and never get to see any of the great small places of this island.


    That's just to name a few of the highlights. Once you get to the city yourself I'm sure that you will find many things that fascinate you. Tunisia is a land filled with much culture and history. And keep in mind that what interests one person, may not interest another, so everyone gains a different experience.

    Matmata, another site of Star Wars, Hammam Bourguiba, Tabarka, and Monastir are popular also. I have pictures of all these places and more in my 2 photo albums:



    $1 is equal to 1.314 TDN


    Things are pretty reasonably priced here in Tunisia. Let me give you some examples.

    A 1.5L bottle of mineral water costs .400TDN ($.30), but most people buy them is cartons of 6. Just a way to not have to go to the store all the time to buy water. A 1L bottle of coke is 1TDN ($.76), while a 1.5L bottle is 1.500TDN ($1.14).

    Taxi rides are pretty cheap, but if you want to save on that you can always walk. A taxi ride is usually around 3TDN ($2.28) depending on how far you are going and what city you will be in.

    Food prices will depend on what type of restaurant you want to go to. A fast food place will cost you about 3TDN ($2.28) per person if you buy a coke along with your sandwich. An actual restaurant will run you anywhere between 20-30TDN total($15.22-$22.83) for 4 people, including drinks, and many times dessert as well.

    If I can be of any more assistance, feel free to contact me.

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    Tourist Attractions In Tunisia

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    Tunisia is beautiful and very interesting. I spent time in Tunis and Djerba. Tunis has a great souk, Carthage ruins nearby, Bardo Museum, . Djerba is an island with nice resorts and a fortress on the sea. I had great food and enjoyed roaming markets. Star Wars was filmed in Matmata (the bar scene); there's a hostel in that site.

    Tozeur, Sousse, the desert and palm oasis, Kairouan, and Monastir are also popular tourist places. These websites should give you more details, including reviews where to stay.

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    Kairouan is a very nice place with a blended mix of tunisian culture as well as plenty of tourist destinations. The cool thing about Tunisia is that any hotel you go to has people who speak english and the hospitality is well beyond anything that you would find in the US.

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