How can i download pictures and text from the internet to USB storage device?

I don't wanna use memory space of my computer. If anyone knows a better way or easy way to do it please let me know. I am kind of new on all this.

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    1 decade ago
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    Ok, first understand that you dont USE mem when downloading or saving something from the internet , you are using DISK SPACE , or space on your hardrive Now if you still want to use your usb device then when you hit download something from the net , the box that comes up saying SAVE HAS , then just select your usb device on the SAVE IN , field. Now be aware that IT MAY take longer to save directly to a usb than it is to the HD , my advice , just save it to the HD , run a scan BEFORE even open it or moving it to the USB

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    In addition to what the above has said, once your USB device is plug in to your computer and ready to use, go to My Computer then double click on the Removable Disk (usually E:\). Leave it open. Now open a new folder where all your files and images are saved then just drag and drop them to the your USB Device (Removable Disk). After draging and droping, you can all delete all the original files and images.

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    Well.. basically save the text n pics to ur pc.. transfer thm to the usb.. thn delete of the pics n text in the pc.. make sure ur usb is attached to the comuter the whole tyme.. but be careful as u can geta shock..

    or do wat the guy above me said..

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