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dog shedding too much. what do you do?

my little girl is a healthy white short-hair mix. i bought one of those brushes, but i could brush her all day and still fill the bristles. what have you done (if anything) that has substantially reduced shedding in your dog?

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    Before you shave her - talk to the groomers about her coat type and breed. If you shave dogs like Huskies or Retrievers/Labs you damage their double coat, and that can cause issues down the road. For Huskies the shaving stops the coat from effectively keeping the dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer - that is the double-coats function for Huskies. For Labs the double-coat functions to protect the skin of the Lab from the water.

    Shedding in all dogs is sponsored by a change in temperature - usually a quick but significant change - even if it goes back - the trigger is already "pulled" and the coat will start to shed. For a husky this is called "Blowing their coat" and it occurs twice a year - once for the winter coat (when the temp goes up in the Spring) and once for the summer coat (whent he temp dipps in the Fall). When this happens to my Husky, we go through dozens of times where the wire brush bristles are filled with her hair -and that is daily - and it takes 2+ weeks to get the coat out.

    You may just have a type of dog that the coat requires allot of work. You may not be able to do anything but keep brushing. You should be grateful that it is a short-hair, if you hate the hair she is shedding that much - if she had been a long hair, it would have been twice as bad (or worse).

    Good luck - hopefully she isn't a double-coated mix and you will be able to shave her.

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    Add Flaxseed oil to the food, give omega 3 capsules... And don't keep the house so warm. Likely the heat in the home and the contrast of the cold outside is causing her to shed alot.

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    It's not just your dog. We are finding our horses shedding like crazy as well. I am wondering whether or not we are going to get an early hot year. It appears to be laying the groundwork for it.

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    I have my sons husky here and she sheds all the time, when the summer comes, my son will pick her up and take her to the groomers and have her shaved. I know it sounds mean. but by winter her hair is back.

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    Don't shave her.

    Brush her once or twice daily and bathe her every couple of weeks.

    Change her diet.

    Talk to your vet or a local groomer for suggestions.

    Source(s): Vet assistant. Lifelong dog owner.
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    Feed her a few spoonfulls of peanut butter everyday. I don't know why but it works. Old farmers alminac cure.

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    try a different brush, one for under coat, if that does not work always ask your vet they can give you great ideas.

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    shed-x or shaving

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    buy a better vaccume or wood floors

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    shave your little girl......

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