Thoughts and Opinions please. Family and friends vs. hired help.?

Is it appropriate to hire family and friends to perform work that is performed by any other hired help? - Or is it inappropriate? When we have an odd job, my husband wants to have a family member or friend do it for cash under the table and I want to hire a contractor to have it done right. I say this because we have the continuous problem of shoddy work being done; he has the expectation of getting their personal best because their family/friend and having it be 1/2 the price, they have the expectation of being paid more than a usual job and taking shortcuts and doing shabby work. He says 'Blood is thicker than water', I say If you want family and friends to stay that way, don;t treat them like hired help.

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    I agree with you. It's never a good ideal to do any sort of business with family. Trust me, I know from experience, and I learned it the hard way. If your husband wants to remain close to family members without feeling any sort of weirdness, or resentment, because of a previous shoddy job, then it would do him well to hire an outside professional.

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    Hiring family/friends works out sometimes, but I don't recommend it. For example, shoddy work. If you say something, you run the risk of alienating a family member. If you don't say something, you risk them thinking they can take continuous advantage of you. Besides - if you hire a contractor, he has to put in writing what he's going to do, and then do it, and you have legal recourse.

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    I see your husbands perspective.

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