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do you believe your parents.......?

do you beleive your parents did the best job they knew how do [at the time] reguarding raising you?

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    I only hope I did as well for my kids. They are in their 20's so they are beginning to find their own niche in life. So far so good.

    Every generation faces different problems. That's what makes parenting so challenging. What my parents did is not necessarily what I did, but through it all honesty, integrity, and work ethics remained.

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    yes that i'm raising my own children i realize that it's not an easy job. You realize that some of their shortcomings was them just learning and trying their best to be the best parents they knew how..hindsight is always perfect vision and i know when i look back at raising my kid there will be some things i wish i had done differently but right now i'm just doing my best.....Kudos to all you parents out their! It's NOT AN EASY TASK.

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    I feel my mother and father did do the best they could. Money was a huge issue in my household growing up. Being in a poverty income household of five children under 10 was hard. I grew up fast (being the oldest girl) I felt I had to help my parents raise me. My mom and dad worked while I cooked, cleaned, bathed my sisters, and tried to be a child at the same time. I thank my parents for everything they taught me and everything them let me learn on my own. Family needs to stick together and stay strong for one another.

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    i believe MOST parents try to do their best in raising their children, i believe that most parents want the best for there children and would die for them, now I'm not saying all parents, there are those sick Os's out there, that should have never been allowed to breed ever!!!!!!!!!!!!you know the ones,who sexually molest their kids, or who sell them to be sexually molested, or the ones who beat their kids for fun, or who have them only to kill them in a horrible way,but i do believe most parent try to be better parents than their parents.i know me as a parent, want nothing but the best for my kids, i didn't think i was a very good parent, because i was a single parent, i figured i really didn't set a good example that way,but i was a very hard worker, and loved my kids with everything i had, they said i was a wonderful mom, and seeing them as adults now, i really didn't do to bad of a job, I'm so proud of them both, hope that helps

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    i think they did the best they could but it wasn't the best or what was good for me alot of the times but they learned and so did i.

    now i know what not to do with my kids and i also know what worked and what didn't

    i truly believe that most not all but most parents try there hardest to do whats good for there kids but i believe that every kid needs different discipline cus every kid is different i also think that kids need to learn hard work and how to be independent and that's what parents need to teach them even if its not cool or hip

    so be a parent not a friend

    holy crap i never thought i would say that about my parents Lil

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    They did the best the knew. I've learned from their mistakes.

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    The best way to answer that is to become a parent yourself. Then all the mistakes you thought your parents made seem to dim.....its not any easy road, but we do our best to finish the journey.

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    Hell Yeah!

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