Is it sin if I feel other men are sexy?

(Before I start, I'm not saying homosexuality is sin. It's just hypotheticically.)

I'm cleary gay. I just wondering If homosexuality is a sin. Is it okay Still keepin' virginity and keep think men is hot and thinking sexy stuff?

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    No, it's not a sin. Being homosexual is not a sin and thinking of men as sexy is not a sin. The people who tell you that it is a sin seek to exert thought control over you. They seek to modify your very nature in an attempt to force conformity to their narrow (and grossly inaccurate) point of view. No amount of religiosity will change your sexual orientation, nor should you expect that it will.

    And no, the "act of homosexuality" isn't a sin either. Don't give in to the shame they're trying to pound into you. It's unjustified and NOT Biblically supported.

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    Apparently it is a sin if you just think it. Given that you will think it constantly you will be constantly sinning, so actually doing something about it will make no difference in the sin-forgiveness cycle.

    Okay, that was a joke.

    Leaving the flippancy aside, the old testament law on homosexuality was based upon the need to 'go forth and multiply and fill the earth'. Well the earth is now well and truly filled, so the restriction is not valid any more. Jesus didn't mention homosexuality when he redefined the commandments, so it is now okay.

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    Love is never a sin.

    Do you think God cares more about what's in your pants than about what's in your heart? I really can't imagine any loving God caring about whether you sexually desire men or women based on something as silly as whether you are a man or woman yourself, which you didn't get a chance to choose anyway.

    Besides, there is no scientific evidence that sexual orientation is a matter of choice, and dramatic evidence that it is largely or entirely genetically-determined, so it seems that being gay could no more be considered a "sin" than being left-handed could.

    It is a sin to hurt people. Loving someone is not hurting anyone, whether it's a man or a woman that you love. Just try to be a good person and live a good life, and don't worry about biological quirks like sexual orientation. I'm sure God is bigger than that.

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    Homosexualtiy is not looked at very fondly in the Bible. However, it is said that when we pass on our bodies are shed and we all turn in to spirits--thus having no man or woman identity. If you think men are sexy--great. I am a woman and I am clearly straight--but when I see a sexy female yeah i stare! I can't help it people are beautiful. I think you are ok. Love who you want to, as long as they make you happy and you are content with yourself.

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    1 decade ago

    well the Bible clearly speaks against homosexuality....(don't write me hate mail anyone) I am simply speaking what the Bible states, not various personal opinions

    Sodom and Gomarrah had all kinds of sinful acts, such as this going on when it was destroyed.

    The desire for being attracted for the same sex does not come from God but rather comes from the fleshly nature that all of us were born with, which all flesh wants to do is lust, sin etc

    Through a relationship with Christ, we can keep ourselves from fulfilling all of the lustful things that the flesh tries to get all of us to do blessed, I hope this helps

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    the ACT of homosexuality -- guy w/ guy or girl w/ girl -- is sin. But as long as you don't act upon the feeling, ur good 2 go

    Source(s): I heard my parents talking about this
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    1 decade ago

    The sin starts as a thought, so no, you can't do what you propose and not commit a sin.

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    Wouldn't it be a bigger sin to not be honest with yourself?

    You only get to live this life once. Live it in a location that you can be accepted (i.e. blue states and urban areas), and enjoy your life.

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    Life requires the interaction between positive(electric) and negative(magnetic) potentials. When the positive (electric) potential comes within close proximity of the negative (magnetic) potential, a transfer of energy takes place, and a "spark" of Life is produced.

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    It is mans mind that is most in the bible Jesus said it is our sinful thought that makes us siners

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