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palm reading?

Which hand should you use when reading your palm. My hands have different markings.

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    People often ask "which hand do you look at?".

    You have to study both hands. In traditional palmistry, if you are right handed, they say "the left is what the gods give you, the right is what you do with it."

    This is a bit simplistic and misleading - we were given both hands, the lines on both hands change, so we do something with both hands!

    The hand you write with is your dominant or active hand. It reflects the conscious you, your public face, you 'out in the world', what you have actively developed. The other hand, the passive or minor hand, is more about the subconscious, your private face, the inner you, your instincts, your latent abilities. So we have to look at and compare both hands to see the 'whole' person.

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    You left hand never changes as that is what you planned

    You right hand changes as you so to say go off course

    Love & Blessings


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    I've read that hand that you write with shows things that life brought to you, influences and choices during your life and the another one says what is written for you by your birth. I don't know, personally I try not to believe in it, since the whole concept of something determined for you is not so close to me, but it does arouse my curiosity... However, good luck :)

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    i did palm reading for a while i was acctually creeped out to the point of almost being superfishal. i always looked at both hands from the top and the one wit the less scrapes or scars. hope i helped

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    U look at ur right hand cause it changes and your left hand always stays the same . the right hand shos howur dicissions affected ur life and ur left hand is ur life chart

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    for males right hand and for females left hand should be studied

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    just for fun see

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