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My friend wants to have a freerave in his field, what laws apply?

My friend wants to have a free rave in his field which he owns. The field has a couple of houses near it, about 2 fields away, but apart from that the nearest town is about a mile and a half away.

What laws could stop him from having this rave, have the police come down, or limit the time the music can play until?

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This is in the UK by the way, so I don't think we have firemarshals and stuff. Anyway, there's definetly no law saying you cant have a rave anywhere.

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    Sound ordinance will definitely be a concern. Other than that, any potential fire hazards from music equipment is a problem. Depending on the size of the rave, you may want to notify local authorities and secure any needed permits, or else the fire marshal or some other authority can and probably will shut you down.

    Source(s): Me: I've thrown several field raves
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    how about the law that doesnt allow raves ANYWHERE at ANYTIME?!

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