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I have no idea what to do. Please help.?

I had unprotected sex on Tuesday night, and I was supposed to go into planned parenthood today and get the morning after pill. Well, today was a snow day and now I have no way of getting anywhere. It's a winter storm warning and I can't even get my door open all of the way and there's no way my parents will let me go anywhere since I'm only 16. It's supposed to snow even more tomorrow! I'm freaking out and I really need some advice. Please don't leave answers telling me how young I am and how I shouldn't have done this because I know that already and I'm just looking for some support.

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    There are only a few days every month that you can get pregnant, just hope it wasn't one of those days. Was it right after, or right before your period? Freaking out wont help, you need to think if you know anyone that you can confide in, that your parents would let you go with, if you made up some important reason? Sorry I don't have any better idea's to help you! I hope that your not pregnant! If your not, please rember how scary this was & don't forget to protect yourself next time! Good Luck!!!

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    If you have ginger in your home, boil it and drink the "broth" - it's disgusting but it is a "natural" method. As soon as you can, get to planned parenthood or a doctor and let them know what happened. Also, you may want to be tested for STDs and AIDS. Good luck and please learn from this "mistake"

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    you have 72 hrs to take it.

    there's also RU-486, an abortion pill you can take, i'm not sure of the specifics, but here's a link if you think that might be an option.

    always carry condoms with you!!! this can come in handy for any situation--i even knew a girl who convinced a (date) rapist to wear one (threatened to have his sperm collected for evidence. lost the evidence, but avoided an std/pregnancy)

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    Sorry, I wish I had some advice. Just pray nothing happened and try to remain calm.

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    only thing i can think of eat lots of pineapple and usually makes ppl miscarriage mayb it'll help.get on d pill asap.i dont think u can b pregnant so dnt wori

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    violet pearl is totally right just try to chill and hope nothing hppened. i'll remeber you in my prayers tonight!

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