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Hair ideas?

Okay so I want a *hairover* I need to figure out a good color for my hair and a good haircut!

There is a link to a very bad/fuzzy picture. Thanks in advance!

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    I think it would like nice cut a little past your chin with face framing layers in the front. It would really make your eyes stand out. A good color would be a medium brown, maybe just a few golden-ish highlights up front.

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    You want a style that will add volume to the sides of your face.

    Full bodied face-framing layers, or a short a-line bob with straight bangs might work for you. Your hair texture also needs to be taken into consideration.

    I think your hair is a nice length so I'd recommend getting layers if you have thick or full bodied hair.

    Blonde highlights would brighten your face and accentuate the contours of your hair style.

    Brunette lowlights would accentuate your eye color. and have photos of different styles.

    BTW, if you are considering a style with bangs, bangs cut straight across generally add width. Side swept bangs add length.

    Some good articles:

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    You probably need to go to an hair dresser and ask this question. they are experts in the field and may can show you some pictures.

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    thats picutre is a lil dark but with me i have light blue eyes and then dark hair but i was thinkin mabey u should grow your hair longer and die it a mohogoney (can't spell sorry) hair redish color it would look good on you hjope i helped

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