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Did the Japaneese have Atomic Bombs during WWII?

if they had them was it befor the US had them?

Were they planning to use them against the U.S. sometime in the war?

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    No, but the Germans were working on it, and they would've used them, too.

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    During World War II, only two countries were trying to build atomic weapons: United States and Germany. United States finished the world's first atomic weapon in 1945. Germany had fallen by then and the Nazis never developed the bomb. Japan wasn't even aware of the possibility and even if it was aware, it was too busy trying to salvage what was left of their navy and air force.

    By 1945, the Japanese Navy was reduced to only a few carriers. Air supremacy in East Asia belonged to the Americans. With defeat looming over their shoulders, Japan had no time to build such a weapon.

    Shortly after its development, United States dropped two atomic bombs: the first on Hiroshima and the second on Nagasaki two days later. In total, 200,000 Japanese people died as a result of the bombs. However, estimates are that if we had invaded the island of Japan rather than dropping the two bombs and therefore causing Japan's surrender, 500,000 Americans and 1,000,000 Japanese would've died in the attack. Instead, no American died on the island of Japan and 4 out of every 5 people that would've died if we invaded survived.

    With the dropping of the two bombs, Japan surrendered unconditionally and WWII ended. The race was now on for other countries to develop atomic weapons. U.S.S.R. was next to develop the technology in 1946/47. Germany and perhaps Japan followed in 1947.

    Mainly, the only two nations that were seriously building these weapons were the Communist nation of U.S.S.R. and the capitalist nation of U.S.A. Being as how the two nations were polar opposites and distrusted each other from the beginning, it was inevitable that the Cold War would result.

    Today, United States and Russia have enough WMDs to wipe out the planet dozens of times over.

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    It is widely regarded that the Japanese did have an atomic program, like many nations did at the time. However, they focused their efforts on the use of large microwave emmitters as weapons of mass destruction. In the end, the magnetrons at the time were incapable of producing a sufficient level of damage to be used militarily, and the war ended before a successful prototype could be built.

    While they DID have an atomic program, no nation was as progressed in their projects at the time as the United States.

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    I've never read anything to suggest the Japanese were looking into a nuclear weapon. They were, however, attempting to perfect a type of lazer gun. Early prototypes were failures. The Nazis, on the other hand, had teams of scientists working feverishly to develop nuclear technology. The USA beat them to the punch, although Hitler's resources were dwindling and it's not likely they would have succeeded.

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    No they didn't. The whole world knows the first bomb was exploded in the US 16/7/45

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    How old are you? Didn't t you study history in school? the usa is the only country that has every used a nuclear bomb .they dropped it on two cities and killed thousands of civilians.

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    Yes they had 2 of them in fact. We gave it to them. Then the war ended.

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    No, but they were working on the atomic bomb, as were the Germans. They did use chemical and biological weapons, particularly in China.

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    No, but some other countries were aware of the possibility of them, but only the US had advanced understanding of how to construct one.

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    no they didn,t have the bomb however they were working on itat the time the us was first to create and use it yhat is what ended the war with japan..

    Source(s): every history book in the world
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