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Is it possible to have the memory of someone "erased" from your mind by hypnosis?

I want to forget about my father, completely.

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    Firstly, I think anyone who flat out tells you NOT to do this, should mind their own business... She is asking a question of possibility, not asking you if you think it's right or wrong.

    I believe you are wise enough to know what is most beneficial for you... and have given it plenty of thought already. I will only offer some suggestions in this, and then the best way you should go about accomplishing what it is you are seeking!

    Now understand - ERASING memories is not something that can be done... any thought, or experience once you've had it, can be recalled in a deep enough trance state...

    HOWEVER - the effect you are looking for is possible. While you can not 'erase' anything you've experienced, you can BLOCK access to them... never to return to your consciousness again unless by undoing it the same way you blocked them (in trance). This means, yes you could see your father walking down the street, and it's just another stranger to you... no more emotional attachment.

    Blocking access to these thoughts and memories from your conscious mind is possible.. however it may not be the best choice. Surely you have learned something valuable from your father, even if it's how NOT to be, or what NOT to do... sometimes a better solution is to do some trance-work to make it so you have absolutely no negative feelings about whatever your experience was, and retain the lessons. For example, many cases of people going to a hypnotist to quit smoking, would go there and request that they believe they have never smoked in their life, ever... when the work is done, they often don't even know why they're at the hypnotist, because they have never smoked... Any hypnotist who is smart will have the client pay in ADVANCE when attempting this otherwise the person might not want to pay them for fixing a problem they've never had. However, they also have forgotten ANYTHING they've learned as a result of smoking, and are likely to repeat the same mistakes/choices... can you think of anything, any lesson you learned as a result of your connection with your father that would be important to keep?

    You can even block access to all thoughts/memories about your father, and at the same time keep the important lessons you've learned (at the choice of your unconscious mind). This is what I would recommend if you were to forget about your father completely.

    Be sure to specify this... should you take this idea to a hypnotist.

    A skilled hypnotist can help you block out any memory.. and even replace them with false memories. In fact installing false memories is often simple, therapists do it all the time by accident and often install bad ones in their clients... I once helped a person with OCD, on the verge of schizophrenia - recover completely... and I found out that, the idea that they were becoming schizophrenic came from their therapist suggesting it, over and over again without realizing it, and had he continued going to this 'highly skilled professional'... he probably would have become schizophrenic. Maybe that's why they're called psycho-the-rapists. There are also many horrible hypnotists out there, they give the idea of 'hypnosis' a bad reputation and often convince people they can't be 'hypnotized' just so the blame is on the client, and not them.

    As far as 'false-memories' go... I suggest you willingly have the hypnotist install some GOOD memories, and beliefs about father figures, and maybe even a fictional father. One who got lost at sea, but loves you dearly... or whatever. This way you're not just a 'fatherless person'... and you have had a father that taught you good things, and contributed to your development in positive ways. As weird as it may sound to many people, this is YOUR life, and your choice.

    Go to a hypnotist who knows what they're doing, and one who has a good reputation, one you feel right with.

    I highly recommend you find someone who is well studied in Ericksonian hypnosis... The work can be done without you even realizing it, very fast, very effectively - and resistance even if you had any wouldn't be much of an issue. For a majority of my clients/subjects I primarily structure my sessions/encounters in this manner, because it is so effective... even on people resisting trance... 'challenging' me in a sense (even though that really isn't how it works)... Or Elderly people who look at me and think "This young guy is going to teach me life lessons? HA! What could he possibly have learned in his short time on earth compared to me?" So if you had any doubts, so what... the fact of the matter is by simply accessing and leading thoughts, you can restructure your neurocortical pathways (that's how they're built in the first place), and someone studied well on the subject will have no problem doing so.

    If you are used to following orders and instructions, being led and bossed around, then traditional authoritarian hypnosis might be fine for you (like a stage hypnotist generally uses - and a majority of the hypnotists out there)... However many people don't respond to this style very well... lots of people don't like to be bossed around and believe their 'willpower' vs. the hypnotists are what's at stake, and resist it easily. This really isn't the case... regardless, it's ineffective on a lot of people, and they then are led to believe they can't be hypnotized. Which is ludicrous.

    Lastly, I recommend you only go to a hypnotist, who only receives payment when you achieve success in the matter... otherwise it's like changing the oil in your car, but never starting it up... a complete waste.

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    Unfortunately most of our "issues" go back to "mom and dad". Who we all are as people depends on how we were parented. Hypnotherapy does not erase memories but can help you deal and heal from issues related to anger etc. Feelings of hatred, anger, fear etc. are usually pointed towards ourselves and then projected outwards towards others. Your father may have done you horribly wrong and now it's left for you to deal with it the best you can. It doesn't seem fair! Don't let your dad be the reason for "starving yourself to death" by giving you a reason to be unhappy and miserable in your life. Let him be a lesson in what NOT to do and "love yourself to live". You deserve it, you are aware of the wrong he did and now it's your turn to not let the same suffering continue on. You see, many people don't even realize the exact point you're at. They pass their parents cycle of harm onto others without seeing how in the end we are all responsible for our own actions; you for yours, your father his and we ours. Peace :-)

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    Have you seen the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet?

    It's all about this very subject and I am pretty sure it didn't work for Jim's character either. He was trying to forget his ex-girlfriend(played by Winslet).

    You can try the hynosis thing, but results always vary by individual.

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    Be lucky at least your father is in your life. God put your father in your life for a reason, and God cant give us anything that we cant handle. Face yours and his problem and deal with it, come to a common ground, because if you dont it will hurt you in the long run, even in other relationships- especially with marriage or your children.

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    Not knowing why . I think you will have a hard time finding a hypnotist willing to help you do it. It is a thing called ethics. The removal would place you in a position where you could/would not protect your self.

    DON'T DO IT !!!!!!!!

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    Delete, No. cause you to suppress the memory, Yes. However why would you want to do that, if you did how would you learn not to make the same mistake again?

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    Lol I don't think so but i've been there myself and I do understand.


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    If you forget about him, what would he have taught you?

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