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is cheese pie, a cake or pie?



oops, sorry I meant cheesecake

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    Cheesecake looks like a pie, but it's actually a cake. Wierd, huh?

    Source(s): Unabridged (v 1.1) cheese·cake Pronunciation Key - [cheez-keyk] –noun 1. Also, cheese cake. a cake having a firm custardlike texture, made with cream cheese, cottage cheese, or both, and sometimes topped with a jamlike fruit mixture.
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    Actually, cheesecake and cheese pie can be a little different. Some "cheese pies" have a smoother, more custardy filling and "cheese cake", well, is a cake that you eat like a pie! Ever heard of "Boston Cream Pie"? Well, its a yellow layer cake with a custard filling and a chocolate glaze. Go figure! :)

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    I've heard of cheesecake....which is actually a pie, but I've never heard it phrased cheese pie...

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    It's called cheese cake, and it is a cake.

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