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ok guys help?

do all men say they love a girl just to have sex be together and make such good love then breake her heart.

are all men cold hearted? is it all about sex?

when a guy says he loves you then tells you it's over that hes done will there be any chance of getting back together

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    Not all men are alike. Sadly, there are a good portion of idiots out there who abuse the "love" word just for a romp in the sack. No its not all about sex. Believe it or not there are decent men in the world who still care about a womans feelings. Just a matter of actually finding one.

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    No but sex is part of a relationship. Not all men all cold hearted. If he tells you it's over, move on and find someone else. Next time take a couple months to get to know the guy before becoming sexually involved. This will give you time to get to know him and what his true intentions are. If he just wants sex and to run then he probably won't make it that long before moving on to someone else.

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    It depends on the guy if he's an asshole like josefiend then yes he will break your heart. And josefiend is speaking for himself, not all guys are like that. I told a girl i loved her and it scared her off, and she ran back to her ex were a couple of months later she got pregnant and got dumped by him. Even though i warned her about guys like her ex, she didin't listen, she probably feels so stupid now. To me it has nothing to do with sex, its about being there for each other and getting through life together. I will wait till she's ready.

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    To the most part, guys and girls view love (the emotional response and satisfaction of intimacy) differently. Most people use the word love too loosely and don't really know what love is. Love is not a feeling, and yes guys use the word to get things, thinking that's what a woman wants to hear. However, women use the word love thinking it means closeness, emotional comfort, and desire. Love is an action to give not get. Truly love is much more how you treat another, not how they make you feel.

    Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

    Love never fails.

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    unfortunately a lot of immature guys are like that. it give the rest a bad rep. there are some clues you should look for. does he call you just to see how your doing?? does he really listen to you when you are talking or does he look you up and down? does he show interest in your feelings about music, movies, sports or is it just about him and his feelings. of course some of those things can go both ways, but men are worse then women. and yes if he got what he wanted and then broke up that is not a good sign.

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    I guess in younger days when we first discover where to put our shwang and realize how great it feels we will do anything and say anything to have sex. But as we age and determine that we actually need you women for more then just that wwe NORMALLY settle down do whats right. Sometimes I really despise my gender for how poorly we behave.

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    Probably a lot are like that, but is not all of us. I’m not.

    I am direct. If I like a woman, I go to her and ask her out. If she likes me, she will, if not, then thanks and good bye. Simple. This is common in night clubs and places like that to be seen from many guys too. We are all looking to have good time, let the girl have good time, and expect for her to give us too a good time. Again, simple.

    Now, if I really like a woman after I got to know her, so is not just physical but the real person that is inside her, then I can say I like her for real and even that I’m in love (lust at the beginning, cause love grows with time of being together).

    Now I’m married, so those days are over, and I’m very happy to be with my Wife and would never ever cheat on her. Of course, if she brings another girlfriend for a threesome.. that’s a different story… LOL (and I wish!… hehe).

    We guys are very sexual and very visual. When we are young (and I assume you refer to young guys in your question), all we want is sex. And we can not really control it because, one, we do not even realized that we are blind with sex; two, we don’t know love or what is it to be “romantic” yet; and three, well… sex, sex, sex… is all over our heads.

    We learn to be romantic when we find out that you girls like that. And we discover that being romantic in a real relation is not only good for her, but for ourselves as we get to understand love.

    If we both guys and girls would try to understand each other instead of trying to change the way we are, it would be much better. You girls complain all the time about us wanting to have sex, and we complain all the time about you girls not wanting to have sex. How about we try to come up with a mutual solution instead of complain?

    It took us (my wife and I) to get to know each other well about 6 to 7 years. We now have a good “balanced” equation going on in our lives, where sometimes we have sex because I want or because she wants, and sometimes we make real good love to each other, and we both feel good about it.

    Hopefully you will find someone that can appreciate you for who you are and not for how short is your skirt. And if he is very romantic with you, loves you, and pleases you, do me a favor and give him from time to time the best sex he can ever have. He will show you his appreciation, trust me.

    Good luck.

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    Not all men are like that but a lot are. When you get into relationships like most likely end up on the short end of the stick.

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    hey, some of us ARE gentlemen you know. besides not all of us are cold hearted. sometimes you just got look beyond the appearance of being cold hearted. there's more lying beneath the surface than you realize.

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    no , not all men are like that. to really find out don't be easy to get. if your too easy they'll think your a slut. and dump you after they score. if a guy really loves you, he will respect you and not have a one track mind.

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