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what to do with tomatoes that are ripening @ diffrent times if i want to make a sauce?

im in miami, and i have 8 six foot tomatoe plants. i have atleast 30, but there turning red and ready before the others. is there anything i can do to save them until the rest are done? i have 3 now, probably 2 there any sugestions? any way 2 store untill the rest are done? thanx...derrick cooper.

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    well i know with bananas when they are ripe and i dont want to waste them i throw them in the freezer and when you make banana bread you dont even need to mush them so maybe if you try that with one see the out come who knows it might make it easier to peel rather than blanching them. oh and i love frozen grapes to :)

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    I live in TX. We have picked over 25lbs of tomatoes at one time. I can my tomatoes in jars and use a water bath. (It's called a raw pack.) It is really not hard. Any canning book will show you.

    However, just for two or three at a time. Place tomatoes in boiling water until you see the skin split, remove, cool and peel off skin. Cut up (savings juices) and place in zip bags and freeze. The tomatoes are raw so have to be cooked, sauces, stews, chili, etc. Good Luck.

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    Stick them in the freezer till all are ripe. When you take them out to use them they will peel very easy. Just stick them in a freezer bag and you are good to go when you need them. You can then use them for a variety of things from speghetti sauce, pizza sauce, sloppy joe's etc. Good luck and bon appetite!

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    if you're only going to make sauce with them anyways, go ahead and cook them a little bit and remove their skins and seeds (in the culinary world, that's called concassee) and freeze them. but otherwise there's not much you can do. tomatoes and all fruits and vegetables are growing things just like you and me, everyone goes at their own pace and there's not much you can do about it. good luck!!

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    If tomatoes get watered irregularly whilst the temperature us intense, the exterior will tear. be sure you water your tomatoes oftentimes yet sparingly throughout dry spells and don't over-water throughout spells of speedy advance. additionally undergo in strategies that some tomato varieties are extra probably to split than others. oftentimes small varieties are extra proof against splitting than super varieties.

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    Cut them up and put them in a freezer bag,when you have enough to make your sauce just defrost and cook them up.They are easy to freeze and freeze well.Happy Cooking.

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    could you refridgerate them. Or maybe you coould cook them and freeze them and when the others are ready, thaw the first cooked batch and add to the others to make the sauce.

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