For those that have seen Germany and Austria ,where are people more liberlal in Germany or in Austria?

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    Having been to both of these countries, overall I would say the average German is more liberal. Most of Austria is Catholic, and that is why they aren't as liberal.

    The south of Germany is Catholic, and less liberal, the north is mostly Lutheran. Of course, like anywhere, other factors come into play, i.e., education, socio economic status, etc.. So, it's very hard to generalize.

    This is just my opinion based on many travels to both countries over a 20 year span.

  • Liz
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    1 decade ago

    Flygal (above) is right. I would just add that cities are more liberal than the suburbs / villages and the former West Germany is more liberal than the former East Germany (due in part to the huge demographic changes there - over a million "liberal-minded" people of productive age with a higher education have left, leaving a higher concentration "conservative" retired people and people with lower educations).

    The only area where I would say the averge Austrian is more progressive than the average German is in environmental protection. The average German is very into being environmentally-friendly, but the average Austrian is sees the environment as A Number One Concern.

    When it comes to 'social norms', though, the cities in the north-west Germany (such as Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne) and especially Berlin are more lilberal than those in the east and south. But cities like Munich and Leipzig are still much more liberal than someplace like Salzburg. (Mozart hated his hometown for a reason).

    Source(s): 5 years in Germany and extensive travel in both countries
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