How do you stay in love??

with your boyfriend or girlfriend after a couple of years of being do keep the sparks going and all???

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    Having shared interest is good assurance that you will always agree on something to do together. I also suggest spending time apart, it keeps the anticipation level up.

    Keep your circle of friends close by as they help to keep a healthy balance. Respect is way to show it is by training yourself to never take your love for granted. Always be quick to apologize. Even when you are right...

    you don't have to prove it... let the small stuff go!

    Good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    Me and my boyfriend are actually High School sweethearts. And after almost five years of dating, it is critical to always keep the sparks flying.

    We do things together, however over the years we learned to respect each others space. We celebrate our relationships, go to the movies, dinner and talking. Communication is key to a healthy relationship.

    We also try to do new things together, so we don't get "bored". Even the little things; like cooking something together, going to parties, doing stupid, funny stuff together even.

    Hopefully that answers your question


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    Love is like a fire it needs daily stroking or the fire will die out! The best way for lasting love is to be honest with each other no secrets no lies.......having the same interest will keep you growing in the same direction........have a candle lite dinner.......being compatible in the bedroom also helps. Of course some couples become bored with the same old same old.... Have date night once a week....let him ring the doorbell with flowers in hand and go on a real could also go to a hotel once a month to shake things up. Buy "The joys of sex" or Dr Ruth's book "Sex for dummies" you will be glad you did. Of course respect for each other is a must.

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    Think about how your life would be if that person were non-existent, if they were with someone else and you saw it, or how much you have in common with that person. Think about compatibility and look at every aspect of your relationship. Never compare to anything else. Communicate often, try new things together, travel whenever you get the chance, take lots of pictures, sexy, funny, cute, remember all the fun times, forget all the hard times, and cherish all the days to come with this person you love.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Try something new together! And not just sex, a new restaurant a new vacation site. Just the 2 of you! Trying new thing together can be a great way to feel bonded. Find someone you both don't like and then vent to each other. Play games, keep it fun.

  • 1 decade ago

    Think about what you said...keep the flames burning. To that in the literal sense, you keep feeding the fire with wood. A relationship needs nourishment as well. Continue to show you care and love each other. More than anything, make a date night and keep the passion alive in sex with different variations.

  • Darby
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    1 decade ago

    Work at it; it takes work. Switch up your routine, Make a commitment to each other to help out around your place if you live together, overlook the little things that get on your nerves, appreciate what your partner is, not focus on what he is not. Work at it, it takes work on both your parts. A nice weekend trip or vacation over holidays works wonders. Don't go around looking sloppy and unkept and stinky and pick up after yourself.

  • Btieti
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    you have to mix things up........ like sexually. experimentation is important. try things even if you dont think you'll like it too much.

    a lot of times all it takes is to see the other person in a different light. meaning if you see your "special someone" in a different activity, setting, etc it can really change things up and add a needed spark.

  • Do things together. Example:

    go to a lecture, a museum, a park, wherever..

    You'll find new things to talk about and new interests to share.

    My bf and I walk in the park, enjoy nature, take pictures. Then we can sit and enjoy them together and talk about our time at the park.

    Then one thing leads to another and we're

    enjoying each other like it's all new.

    Try it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    go out to places you have never gone to or visit places you went before and have not gone to for a while! Try new stuff at home or go to hotel for the weekend and act as in a new relationship!, wear sexy stuff for him and so and a nice pleasasnt and quiet evening, If you are into sex try new positions or new places!

    by doing new things you can spice your relationship and find that new things always makes you fall in love again!!!

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